Oh well, much of the information and evidence shown on many sites has still raised eyebrows to many. So much lack of real evidence, too many showing every orb or light source and putting it down to spirit presence. So many relying on voice boxes that almost are so poor in quality you could basically class as a waste of time. There seem to be a lack of real EVP recording which if standard tape or microphone is used has far better results.

Because of the websites that fake much of their results it has made a mockery of genuine research groups. Most of us understand the difficulty in collecting data of actual spirit activity but to show every picture that has a trick of light in without scrutinising the cause is an act of desperation and false hope, so many fall into this catergory. My suggestion to those mentioned is to actually cause these light sources yourself by dust, water, bugs or smoke and then compare them, you will be surprised, and disappointed with the final results which will show you after comparing them that they are not what you imagine. If they do not match up then you have a result.

I also believe there are many individules that have lost love ones and are so driven to try and make contact, this is very understandable and it is very easy to believe in any sighting you experience. May I suggest to you to use a better method, use a recorder and ask questions for EVP, it is far better conformation and can’t be mistaken if done correctly.

After 20 years of working in this field I have learnt to be very skeptical, you have to be if you are a believer. You never stop learning, I always offer help where it is needed.

March 16th, 2017 by