Afterlife & Spirit

There are many reasons to doubt the afterlife, as many as the people that believe in it, but the individual experiences are far too great to put it in a category of nonsense or disbelief, because so many have come forward to give their own events of spirit activity or near death experiences.
Most of us understand you cannot relate science with paranormal, things will never add up to show the scientist satisfactory results. Imagination maybe! I do not think so, again too many similar events which relate to the evidence being shown to that particular individual. These experiences were shown to them so why do they need to prove it to someone else.
Proving the existence of spirit, ADE and other events to do with the paranormal activity is not the answer, although many believe it is. It is the understanding of what we are being shown, why do you think you have been chosen to experience it? It is not just for yourself it is for the many around you who need to relate to their own experience, to come to terms with it. This also helps with the grieving process; to talk about it is to help heal our sorrow.

I have spoken to many people who are afraid to talk about their own events because some think it is too personal, while others think they will be branded and ridiculed. This is such a Victorian way of thinking in this century, there are many who wish to hear and understand the events that person has experienced. You do have to find the ones who do believe and have had the experiences also, there are many who publicise just that, as we ourselves at S.P.I., are one of many that can relate and help the many who wish to come forward.

It is far easier to be closed to paranormal activity, but you will find it is very much the individuals who have never experienced any kind of spirit activity before. Quite obvious really when you think about it, that is why it is so hard for them to change when they are chosen; they have no choice if they are an honest person.

Why are certain individuals’ chosen by spirit? Mainly because it is a family connection; others because they have found you to be compatible to receive or get someone who can. We have to be open to spirit intervention otherwise if we are closed you block any contact. Many will never receive any contact from spirit unless they are in an open state of mind. “Dream state”, while we sleep we are at our most relaxed time and it is very common for individuals to receive messages in a dream form. It is understood you will know by the intense nature or reality of the dream to recognise this.

Where do we go when we pass?
I believe, as many do, everything is connected to vibration, so what vibration you give determines what spiritual level you are introduced to. Your vibration is from high to low but lower means a less pleasant individual.

Heaven and Hell?
This I believe not to be outside of ourselves, (Not a place). Heaven or Hell is within each and every one of you. For instance if you are a bad person you create the Hell for yourself and again will be a low vibration. Heaven is the level of good.

Yes I am a believer, and with great respect I have many varied opinions within my religion.

Who do we meet when we pass?
My belief is we will meet the guide who will take us to a higher plain, yes to the light and to whom is waiting for you. The rest of our Learning then begins.

Unless you have had an experience with spirit activity I can also understand the reluctance to believe, my advice would be to listen carefully, only then will you be able to see a link between all those you have spoken to. Knowledge is understanding, no-matter how unusual it sounds.

May 12th, 2016 by