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September 14th, 2016 by Alan C

Dog and Partridge Public House
Yateley. 14/08/2016

Our investigation leads us to believe many different spirits pass through the three vortexes that dwell in this building. One was found at the fire place in front of the ladies toilet ( this is the newest). The second is to the right of the pool table. The third the oldest vortex is in the middle of the kitchen linking upstairs to a childs bedroom, lounge, stairway and office. This also links to the garden and out buildings creating many sightings and experiences.
We managed to establish many regulars which include two naval men, Jolly jack tar also known as Jack. He and his mate were fighting outside both were stabbed and died in the pub. They remain happy drunks causing mischief within the pub.
Strong heavy presence can be felt of a mother desperately looking for her daughter both are in the dwelling that can not see each other. The girl has a dark male spirit around her. Her name is Emily referred to as Lilly.
We also connected with a young Alter Server called William who stole money from the church and to avoid prison he ended his life ( between 17-1800’s ). He frequently liked a drink at what is now called The Dog and Partridge. Also a spirit of a man who claims to have been set alight, when he is around you may get the smell of burning.
Near the ladies toilets two Irish wolfhounds were seen walking about.
Tapping is often heard behind the bar. A WW1 RAF pilot pops in occasionally.

Jeff Psychic Medium

Karen Psychic & Healer


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August 4th, 2016 by Alan C


Fleet, Hampshire, Private client. 26/07/2016.

Reports had shown spirit presence and a thirty month child was interacting with a male spirit, the child would say this spirit was a nasty man and would pinch him, also the nine year old child would be in fear and would not talk about this. Depression and stress was making it unbearable for all the family.

Team. Jeff, Karen, Alan.

(Alan) On entering the property, the first to arrive, there were no signs of negativity and my senses led me to believe this was more frustration within spirit presence.

I was greeted by the very pleasant owners of the property (L2 wife and M1 husband), also “L1” their Mother who is helping with the five month old baby, she is known to S.P.I. and has worked with us in the past. I explained to them that Jeff and Karen would be joining me within the hour. I requested that it is good for me to relax and sense my surroundings and be left to look around the property.

Within a short time I felt a slight suppression including a slight pain to my head, it was at this time the owners wife (L2) had started to feel a very painful headache building, she said she needed to lay down.

I made my way to the stairs, on the first landing I sensed a male spirit, he was frustrated, I passed him by and moved to the top of the stairs and into a small bedroom where a small child of thirty months was sleeping, I conducted what we call a white light wash and surrounded the room in protection, the male spirit I sensed was instructed to stand back a cease the effects he was inflicting upon us. Within ten minutes the suppression and headaches ceased and the owners wife returned to the lounge feeling better.

Karen and Jeff arrived, Karen had mentioned she had a strong headache to the left of her head as they drove up to the dwelling. On entering she felt nothing but as she sat in the lounge she said it felt slightly suppressive. Jeff had sensed two vortex’s and a frustrated male presence.

Jeff moved to the stairs, the first landing and sensed the male spirit, he also passed him by.

Jeff, Karen and myself sensed a bonded couple who would have been partners when on the earth plain, it was agreed these were protectors for the children. Also Jeff had sensed the name “Freddie “. Karen had also sensed most of the rooms had been active and outside by the concrete shed she heard a spirit say, “this is where I died “.

Jeff and myself made our way to the master bedroom where Jeff sensed a vortex which travelled through to the other two bedrooms. This was in the area of the immersion tank, which being copper is very conductive.

Karen at this time was talking and comforting the parents, she was explaining our process of the investigation, she also was preparing them for healing.

Jeff Karen and myself started a cleansing and rescue, beginning in the master bedroom. Karen sensed a male spirit who thought he was a bad man and did not know where he would go, in her opinion he was not really bad as in wicked, he was calmed and persuaded to repent and was accepted to cross over as many did before him. The vortex was closed and sealed and the room blessed.

We then blessed and cleansed the other bedrooms and conducted further spirit rescue, removing the remainder of the vortex upstairs. There was some hesitation but many spirit crossed over.

Jeff and myself then rested to regain our energy.

Karen returned to the lounge and prepared and conducted “L2” and “M1” for healing, in the meantime Jeff and myself conducted the spirit rescue, cleansing and blessing to the rest of the house sealing and closing the remainder of the vortex, again it was very busy.

Again we all rested and sat with “L2” and “M1”, it was plain to see the difference in them self also the change in the dwelling was noticeable to them both, much lighter and calmer.

After a considerable rest Jeff and myself did our final tour of the property to make sure our work had been complete. This I can say was one of the busiest rescues we have conducted, reasons were the vortex’s were making this dwelling a hive of visitation. We can quote there were twenty spirits plus present during our cleansing and rescue, all spirit crossed over successfully. Some identification was present but to protect the family no names are given. From start to finish this was conducted in six hours and the team closed each other down before leaving the dwelling.

We are in contact with the owners and they are very pleased we could help them at such short notice. Their dwelling and the family are now without the visitors. The children are very calm and sleeping well, bless them.

We will be visiting them again soon to guide them professionally.


Jeff, Karen and Alan returned to the property. On entry the dwelling it is very calm and is settling nicely after the rescue but we did discover activity connected to an outbuilding and to the corner of the dwelling, a spirit rescue was conducted and several adult spirit including children were safely crossed over. The team gave the owners guidance and advice, they are overwhelmed with the difference it has made to their dwelling and their selves. They have offered to write a few words for us to post in the near future. We will be in close contact as we will return after the settling period. Karen has also offered a healing session to both adults which has been accepted for the near future.

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June 12th, 2016 by Alan C

Just the one shot of two light sources, one in the bottom left and the one at the far wall is shaped like a feather.



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June 11th, 2016 by Alan C

Just popped into this little church near the hogs back sy.


2007_0510Image0001 2007_0510Image0002 2007_0510Image0003 2007_0510Image0004

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June 11th, 2016 by Alan C

Just a few shots of one of our old investigations. This was a very unusual and active building.


2007_0510Image0034 2007_0510Image0038 2007_0510Image0062 2007_0510Image0067 2007_0510Image0074 2007_0510Image0085 2007_0510Image0086 2007_0510Image0087 ccccccccccccc oioioioio po re s y yyeruyreiu

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June 9th, 2016 by Alan C

994403_1381215768803692_635829325_n 995017_1381213168803952_975720146_n 1468507_1381211218804147_75307443_n 1471755_1381212355470700_1900983352_n 1487300_1381207645471171_937871618_n 1488121_1381214815470454_1244465203_n 1497535_1381208162137786_409832928_n 1497697_1381214578803811_706604109_n 1502485_1381215365470399_140638667_n 1506665_1381215765470359_553090994_n 1507723_1381207678804501_923608297_n 1511654_1381211232137479_505818557_n 1513313_1381214572137145_1094302125_n 1517531_1381206895471246_2071095371_n 1517920_1381207895471146_1382491601_n 1520823_1381207402137862_2065567349_n 1521625_1381213172137285_1301130340_n 1521794_1381206188804650_673954959_n 1521999_1381213952137207_424057064_n 1522209_1381214278803841_1656941229_n 1524645_1381214818803787_970807439_n 1524862_1381215362137066_1272099397_n 1524982_1381207898804479_1166543407_n 1525412_1381214102137192_1911710432_n 1525672_1381208038804465_529113744_n 1526102_1381214285470507_135308073_n 1526149_1381214575470478_891003298_n 1526203_1381216622136940_2129625916_n 1526611_1381207762137826_1400135039_n 1526671_1381208048804464_1987714388_n 1527095_1381206248804644_715929827_n 1527121_1381205942138008_75166043_n 1528534_1381207725471163_32004199_n 1530541_1381207765471159_60008554_n 1531657_1381208052137797_1429089005_n 1535642_1381214822137120_771739281_n 1536561_1381213955470540_7484058_n 1538760_1381207658804503_594641140_n 1555385_1381213948803874_333410768_n 1555508_1381207685471167_1484168507_n 1555518_1381214105470525_797689563_n 1555592_1381216628803606_184083574_n 1557725_1381206572137945_907554715_n 1558473_1381206718804597_1530569590_n 1558605_1381215368803732_288486805_n

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May 23rd, 2016 by Alan C


House of Blues Godalming

Our results from the evening did confirm spirit activity

First thing unusual was the interference on camera 2 whilst Jeff was talking to Simon. This was checked at the time and no explanation to why was discovered. Time 22.27.54

Camera 3 recorded various noises bangs and creaks when no-one was in the area.

We were told by one of the staff (Emily) that on three occasions during her time at the club she had seen a full figure walk the length of the bar from the front doors to the end of the bar and disappear.

22.32.01. Several light sources seen coming from toilet doorway, also a load bang was heard.

22.36.00. Camera 3, While Jeff was talking to Emily on the phone EVP was heard. It was a male voice saying “NO”, this seemed to be involved with the conversation between Jeff and Emily.

22.37.17. Cam 3 more bumps in pool room area.

22.38.27. Jeff moves to Cam 3 in pool area. He picks up on the name Anabella, and senses she was attacked from the alleyway outside and was murdered. She was a middle class woman around the age of 23yrs. She wore a cloaked hood and flowery dress, she had ringlets in her hair. She had two children, Veronica 7yrs and a boy of 5yrs. The boy was taken by the father. Her death was due to a clubbing to the back of the head, and her presence is due to her looking for her son. At the time she was running down the alley to stop her son from being taken away by her husband and he knew she would take this route and planned the murder by arranging that her uncle would be there to do the dirty deed.

We discovered that the spirit that Emily had seen on three occasions was the culprit of Anabella’s murder and he is trapped around this area. It was found that he was sorry for his crime. He is also the reason for furniture being moved in the club.

When Anabella passed she was with child. She was also raped.

At this time Alan senses another woman in the area. Jeff agrees and said this is the visitation of Anabella’s mother but they cannot connect at this time. 22.58.00 Break time.

Alan 23.07.34. Cam 4 toilet doorway to upstairs. Alan senses a cold spot 23.12.00. At

MAY 2009

Set up began at 1900.

23.14.11 a load creak is heard by the pool table and a light source was seen also at that time.</p>

Jeff joins Alan 23.15.42. Jeff agrees the cold spot. Alan senses a figure on the stairs (male) and Jeff feels nausea and confirms this. Alan takes temperature readings, 18dc,19dc,17dc,15dc. Jeff senses the name Heinz, and Jeff, s hands are like ice.

23.22.20 They both venture upstairs to the toilet area and another cold spot is recorded. 15dc,18dc,16dc,14dc. All within 2 minutes. When they returned to the pool table area two large light sources were seen which were unusual and moved unusually slow. Break time 23.24.20

23.25.00. On camera 4 toilet door area, a tap and a groan was heard (male). No-one was in the area at the time.

23.29.40. Large unusual light source seen Camera 3.

Three cue balls were set with three cue, s as trigger objects, during the night these were not touched or had moved.

23.35.03. Cam 4. Noise recorded of a snooker ball being struck and pocketed. No-one in the area and nothing moved on the pool table, (very strange).

23.43.59. Cam 4. EVP a male sigh heard and a large light source seen.

00.11.00 Jeff and Alan investigate the cellar. At first it seemed very calm but after around five minutes the temperature dropped rapidly. No presence was felt and they both agreed it was the contact from upstairs which caused this. Left this area at 00.18.10

Alan and Jeff return to the pool table area Cam 3. Jeff felt like it was a Sunday school or prayer area. He then senses Anabella is near and Alan confirms this. Both of them are effected by there left arms aching and realised that the male spirit is present as well(murderer). At 00.24.40. a loud bang is heard whilst Alan and Jeff are explaining what they are sensing. (unexplainable as they were both standing still and no-one else was in the area).

00.26.40 Jeff senses male spirit had some sort of stroke at the later stage of his time on the earth plain. 00.29.04 Nick and Emily join Jeff and Alan. 00.30.05 Temperature drops suddenly in the area but there is no negativity sensed by Alan or Jeff. 00.34.02 They both connect to a male spirit and together they are very precise that it is the father of Nick and Simon. At this time Emily is a little nervous and requests to leave the area 00.36.29. (We will not show our results of this visit as they are very private and personal for Nick and Simon. Details were confirmed to be very accurate for this reading. 00.50.16 Nick left the area. 00.51.33 closed down and went for a break.

01.55.00 Alan and Jeff returned to the pool table area to help clear Anabella. Again we do not print or show our results as this was very personal. 00.56.28.EVP picked up saying something like “Martin”, it was a male voice. 01.59.18, 02.03.28, large light sources seen around Alan and Jeff. 02.04.30, Clearance of Anabella successfully completed.

As Jeff calls for Emily to join them, as she reached the area another large light source is seen between them. Emily agreed with them that the area felt calm and pleasant.

End of investigation 02.10.18

Jeff and Alan closed down the whole area and protected it from the visitation that was experienced.

We can confirm that the House of Blues Has spirit activity. Even though this place has been cleared there is a small amount of work to do. This we will arrange with Nick who has welcomed us to continue. Thank you to Nick and Simon and Emily for your support

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May 23rd, 2016 by Alan C


Brook House. Godalming Surrey. 2007/8

We arrived at 7.30pm and as Lorraine walked in she felt both her legs hurting from the knees downwards.

While talking to Emma, Lorraine had the feeling of someone putting there arm in hers and trying to lead her away gently, it was a positive touch.

When entering one of the rooms upstairs she sat near the fireplace and heard the name “Peter Baker”. She then felt a gentle push between her shoulder blades and a hand, again gently, pat her stomach. She also sensed there were a lot of children there at some time, like a refuge, nursery or hospital. It was shortly after this that Lorraine felt so repressive, giddy and sick that it was decided to get her out and take her home

In the top room to the left Jeff sensed a woman “Mary’ Anne”, and the smell of bandages and alcohol. There were several lights sources around at this time. Alan sat at the top of the second floor stairs and he smelt a sweet old smell as if to be from an old lady.

Jeff sensed death in his room and blistered legs on an elderly woman, as if she was burnt. This room was at the time heavy, suppressed and sad. He sensed the names Elliot and Thackery.

22.08 Jeff also sensed the name William Heart and sensed he was in visitation. This visitation had a bother who was a baker and he was very proud of him. (Lorraine also sensed the name Baker)

Also the names Suzanna Miles and Marcus or Mark were also sensed

There was a lot of visitation on this night

23.15 Backroom. Jeff senses a male between 50-70yrs in the 1960s, he was a heavy smoker with chest problems. Name John Legget, he was an accountant. Also the name Mary’Anne 5ft 4″ long flowing dress, the year 1800/1820.

He also felt something to his right and Alan confirmed while he was in the monitor room upstairs that he sensed a male with fair hair. Emma who was with Jeff felt quite fragile. Jeff senses pain across his shoulder blades and chest and the corner he stood in was suppressive and very dark, he felt pain in his lungs and sensed a negative feeling in the room. He said to Alan “We need to clear and move this spirit on tonight”. Two large light sources were seen coming from the corner towards the door and disappeared.

01.30 Jeff and Alan successfully cleared this room and blessed it. During the clearance there was a noise (EVP) which sounded like a Child’s squeaky two toned toy. Later that night Emma returned to this room and confirmed how calm it felt.

2.04 Alan, Jeff and Emily were now in the top front room of the house. Jeff senses a child next to him and feels a touch to his hand. We were concerned that a child would be there on her own but Alan sensed a strong presence of a nanny with her and sensed this was definitely visitation (Jeff sensed governess), which was quite a relief as we always worry when children come forward Shortly after Alan sensed the name “Bailey”, and Jeff sensed he was a naval admiral. It was then that Jeff sensed the name “Emily Gray”, again this was visitation.

2.04 Alan sensed the name “Mandalin”, and Jeff at the same time sensed “Madaline”. Also Alan sensed “Janice” and the initials “JA” ,and Alan experienced a heavy feeling and felt angry. At this point two knocks were heard and two light sources were seen at the same time.

2.30 Jeff smelt morphine and rotten flesh. We took a break.

3.10 Emily shouted she saw a camera cable move downstairs. Alan, Jeff and Emma went to investigate and saw that the fixing for the cable had come loose causing it to fall. BUT when viewing the film footage it was seen that there was a definite series of tugs on the cable and after around 20seconds it then fell. We have NO explanation for this.

3.45 Jeff and Alan sat in the middle floor room and several times they both recognized the smell of some kind of disinfectant.

During the night Jeff visited the front downstairs room and sensed with Emma that there was the smell of lily’s and a sense of a chapel of rest. This was very strange as Lorraine sensed coffins within the building. There was a strong residual energy within this room which we will be investigating further.

We found there was a great deal of visitation on this night and yet again the spirits that reside here were reluctant to come forward and give more information.

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