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July 1st, 2017 by Alan C

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May 11th, 2017 by Alan C


I have read so much discussion on the difference between ghost and spirit activity and many still do not understand. By many it has been quoted and in my experience seems to be correct, “ghost is the recording and sometimes the re-an-actment, sometimes repetative of a deseased person, (you cannot converse with ghost). Known as stone tape theory, a repeated recording within their own past time.

Spirit on the other hand is within our own time and can acknowledge most requests. It see’s and hears all communication. A spirit who re-acts to your presence is not a recording, It is known as “real time”.

By using these definitions it identifies and clarifies the difference between the two and clearly highlights the situation of the experience.

By no means does “ghost” clarify that it is a lost soul.

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April 29th, 2017 by Alan C


Believe it or not, scepticism has a great part of researching paranormal activity. Many fail in there investigation by lack of real evidence, sometimes too quick to decide on what they have collected or what they have been ill-advised on. Only by gaining the on hand experience and literally pulling it to pieces will you eventually understand. When the time comes to show you the evidence cannot be repeated, or the explanation is not available and there is no answer you can then log it as paranormal. Some evidence can be obvious but scrutinising it’s identity is the true act.

We all would like the evidence to be at our finger tips but as many will understand, this is not how it works.

The most common mistake many make is the lack of identifying a light source, (orb). Light reflects on many things like bugs, water, dust and most particles so it is easily mistaken for spirit activity and with simple tests can be eliminated. You will find outdoor conditions will show this more commonly. Indoor can still show similar reflections but mist or streaks of a fog like substance can be worthy of a deeper investigation. The recognition of Shadows, again be very sceptical and try to re-create it.

The best results come from E.V.P. (electronic voice phenomenon), and I don’t mean by voice boxes, sensitive tape recorders can pick up unembodied voices very clearly and you can identify every word. When using this method with CCTV, (of which we always have done), you have the identification of who is in the area and can see any movement and investigate where the sound originated.

So consider your facts, rip your evidence to pieces and find the real answers, it is not always what you think or would like it to be.

The most basic rule is not to follow and learn from TV entertainment, because that is what it is; pure entertainment.

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April 12th, 2017 by Alan C

As from this year S.P.I will be concentrating on actual hard evidence within the paranormal field of ghost or spirit activity.

In the very near future we are going to change our website to SpiritWatch.UK, and aim to look more into the research of this phenomenon.

We will work with filming and audio to show our results, which means identifying any disturbance in a scientific way rather than by medium-ship.

From our experiences we have found there is a far greater interest in attempting to capture spirit activity by researching in this way and we eliminate a certain amount of doubt by collecting what we know as hard evidence.

For our clients our work will still be free of charge and we will offer our professional service to identify the situation.

Very soon a link to the new website will be placed on this site to allow all members to transfer.

Thank you.

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March 16th, 2017 by Alan C


Oh well, much of the information and evidence shown on many sites has still raised eyebrows to many. So much lack of real evidence, too many showing every orb or light source and putting it down to spirit presence. So many relying on voice boxes that almost are so poor in quality you could basically class as a waste of time. There seem to be a lack of real EVP recording which if standard tape or microphone is used has far better results.

Because of the websites that fake much of their results it has made a mockery of genuine research groups. Most of us understand the difficulty in collecting data of actual spirit activity but to show every picture that has a trick of light in without scrutinising the cause is an act of desperation and false hope, so many fall into this catergory. My suggestion to those mentioned is to actually cause these light sources yourself by dust, water, bugs or smoke and then compare them, you will be surprised, and disappointed with the final results which will show you after comparing them that they are not what you imagine. If they do not match up then you have a result.

I also believe there are many individules that have lost love ones and are so driven to try and make contact, this is very understandable and it is very easy to believe in any sighting you experience. May I suggest to you to use a better method, use a recorder and ask questions for EVP, it is far better conformation and can’t be mistaken if done correctly.

After 20 years of working in this field I have learnt to be very skeptical, you have to be if you are a believer. You never stop learning, I always offer help where it is needed.

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February 24th, 2017 by Alan C


At times we are all subject to change, sometimes by choice and sometimes it can be unexpected. S.P.I. will be included in one of these changes. Jeff and Karen have decided to progress towards building their own group, they are moving to the art of medium-ship, Healing, spirit cleansing and how paranormal investigations should be conducted.

I have worked with Jeff for many years and will miss the working relationship of which was once shared. I wish him well and all the best in his new venture.

S.P.I. will be closing it’s website and will be changing to this year, we will be concentrating on identifying and researching paranormal activity solely by our filming and sound equipment, which means we will collect and produce any evidence found for our clients to see or hear. We will not attempt to interfere with any activity that is identified, we will now work as a team who  confirms all types of possible activity.

Our services will still be free, and our respect and professional approach to our clients will be as always, top of the list.

For our followers and members please use this link.

 THANK YOU for your support.


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February 4th, 2017 by Alan C


Our team has a very professional and proven track record, we give our time freely and have earned genuine respect and trust from all our clients. We welcome all enquiries, so for peace of mind contact us at

As paranormal investigators we work to identfy the events you are experiencing and we record each event with night vision audio cameras, the results, after being accessed, are then shown to the client. We do not judge any client and will give you answers or guidence to help you understand what is occuring.

I often wonder how many of you lovely people are actually experiencing some kind of spirit activity within your surroundings? I know there are many of you that do and you are quite relaxed to live with the events that you are experiencing. I can understand that it is very personal for you and for that reason you may be reluctant to share your experiences.

Within our small team we understand the privacy of the individual and make it very clear to you we do not wish to interfere or change any spirit activity, we adhere to the requests of our clients at all times. All we request is to record the event and learn from the experiences you could share with us, we are not profit or publicity seekers so we can promise our clients that if they wish to remain anonymous we will agree strictly to their wishes.

Many clients have already trusted  SPI to work and understand the events that occur around them and have been satisfied with our professional conduct. Some of you already know why and who their vistor is but for those of you that are not so sure we can hopefully help you to learn more.

We have worked with spirit activity for many years and have learnt and understood a great deal from our experiences, respecting and learning from each event. It is also very important to understand the client and their needs, respecting their requests and in some cases helping them to come to terms with the events.

By allowing us to be accepted into the personal spiritual events of your life we can also help many others, what is learnt in many cases can be passed on to others which can make a greater understanding of spirit activity and again I repeat myself in saying descretion will be honoured to the full.

I, on behalf of the team wish you well and hope you can trust us to be included in your spiritual experiences and we can help you to gain the confidence to understand our honesty and professionalism towards helping any client in need.

No matter what your beliefs if you are experiencing any kind of what you believe might be, or is paranormal activity please contact us.


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February 2nd, 2017 by Alan C


My Paranormal Experiences


The youngest experiences I can remember were at Whitley Road. I used to always know that there was something there. I used to sometimes hold my breath and hear deep breathing.

When I was about six years old and Dave was five we were playing in my bedroom and I asked him to hold his breath too. We both heard deep masculine raspy breathing and also scratching at the closed door. Thinking it was Tracey playing a trick on us we opened the door but no one was there. We called out and everyone was downstairs.

   The second experience I had that I recall was in the same room and I was maybe nine years old. I awoke at night and I could hear the sound of a what I could only describe as a rocking chair creaking over the other side of my room (there was no such chair in my room), and I was too scared to open my eyes. It felt very threatening and oppressive. The sound got closer and closer. I was petrified. Then just as it was right next to me by my bed it just suddenly stopped.

It only happened that one time thank god!

The house in Whitley Road always felt strange to me. Even in board daylight I would feel like something hostile was there on occasions.

   The third experience that sticks out as my biggest was the Spanish beach one.

I was twelve years old and we were on holiday at a key Camp. The one we were staying in was around 200 metres from the beach. It was quite late at night, maybe around 10pm. Dave and I decided to take a walk down to the beach with Barry who was ten years old and the son of the family we had gone on holiday with.

The walk to the beach was down a straight track that had a sort of marsh either side of it with long stem green plants that were about a metre tall. It was a bright night light by a big moon but it was still very dark.

As we approached about three quarters of the walk suddenly there seemed to be a wavering light source around ten metres or so ahead of us floating a foot in the air. I can only describe it as like a vertical reflection of the moon on the water, it was not solid or a whole shape. It hovered briefly before moving to the left and fading/ disappearing into the marsh grass. At this point I believe we had all stopped in our tracks but not a word was spoken between us. As this apparition faded then around 20/30 metres away I could see the torsos of perhaps 5 men which I believe looked as if they were marching towards us. They were only black silhouettes but they were definitely large masculine ones.

I stood open mouthed gawping for a few seconds before turning to run, only to realise that the two boys were already running back ahead of me. I was older than them and a good sprinter at the time so I managed to overtake them on my way back!

When we finally caught our breath we each shared our account of the experience. I don’t remember a great deal of variance other than either one or both boys claimed they had also heard marching and seen many more silhouettes than I had!

    My fourth experience was in my Mum’s pub. The Anchor Inn. It is a sixteenth century building that had been used for all sorts of things during it’s time. Dad has also had his own experiences in the building along with multiple other people.

When I moved in with my Mum when I was Fifteen years old I lived in a room in the converted loft space. It had wooden beams and solid wooden doors that closed via an old fashioned latch. There were two bedrooms and a landing space in between them.

 I had been there a few weeks when I noticed that my door was often open a few inches in the morning when I woke up. I thought to myself how sweet it was that my Mum was checking on me whilst I slept like she used to when I was a child.

It happened a few more times before I mentioned it in passing. Mum’s face went a bit pale when she assured me that it wasn’t her opening my door.

I went upstairs and closed the door. I pushed and kicked it and gently wiggled it around – nothing would open it from either side other than the latch being properly pressed to release it.

After that it still regularly opened at night and sometimes the sound of the latch flicking off would wake me up. The door was never opened more than a few inches.

Over the years the activity did decrease and it used to reoccur every so often with no pattern that I could distinguish.

     My fifth experience I will group under footsteps. I can’t remember when I heard the footsteps in the pub or how many times as they were so frequent!

The pub has three levels. The bar area, the first floor living area and the loft area where my bedroom was.

The first time I heard the footsteps I was sitting in the living room on the second floor and I heard them walk across the landing outside my bedroom. I was already aware that no one was up there and they were so clear with each floorboard creaking under each footstep that they could not have been anything else.

My Mum was very sceptical about paranormal as a lot of people are so she would often dismiss things that happened in the pub. We had a lodger called Dave that stayed in the room opposite me and one evening I was sat in the living room again and as my mum walked past the door the sound of footsteps came from above her. I asked her, ‘Can you hear that Mum?’, she replied, ‘Yes, Dave is up there’. She went downstairs only to return within a very short time and she said to me, ‘Caz, Dave is downstairs’, I replied, ‘I know!’.

Another time I was running the pub and Dave was still lodging. I got up in the morning and as I made my way downstairs from my room I heard footsteps with the usual floorboard creaking below me (the staircase was an L shape so I was unable see the floor beneath me), I called out ‘Good morning Dave’ and continued to walk down the stairs. The footsteps stopped and I suddenly remembered that Dave would have left over an hour earlier to go to work. As I rounded the corner this was confirmed by a totally empty landing and house!

During another time when I was running the pub and Dave was no longer lodging I came home and walked through the bar. As was about to go up to the living accommodation I noticed that the four men in the bar and the barman were all staring at me and were a little subdued. I stopped and smiling said, ‘What?!’, one of them said, ‘ Caz, we have been sat here for the last hour and we have all heard someone running across the landing above the bar, Killer (the barman’s nickname) went up to check and there is no one there!’.

I then had to go up there by myself, luckily nothing else happened that night!

     My sixth experiences are a couple of going on’s within the pub.

I went on holiday and during the time I went away my Mum the sceptic woke up to a very large crash from my upstairs landing at about 4am. She went up to check what it was and a large flower vase of mine was broken all over the floor. We had no pets and the vase was in a secure position originally. No windows were opened. We had no problem with rats or mice, Mum was unable to explain how it had come to break.

Another time I was in and heard a loud crash and all of my DVD’s had been pushed from a shelf onto the floor and again there was no explanation.

  My seventh experience was another shared one. The reoccurring walking silhouette man.

I was having a late night lock in with around ten of my friends and Ross in the pub whilst I was running it again and it was around 2am when we all witnessed a silhouetted shaped man walk across the doorway of the saloon bar from the main door to the bar. It repeated this a few times of which a majority of the group saw it at the same time. Since then multiple other customers have seen this including my brother Dave. Mum also once excitedly admitted to seeing it one night only to be disappointed when we all said ‘Yeah we’ve all seen that!’.


The flat

    My eighth experience is a group one about the Flat.

I believe that I am slightly sensitive to atmospheres and I can often feel things. When we moved into the flat I was aware a lot of the feeling that there was someone in the hallway that would ‘stare’ into the living room. I had not seen anything, it was more that feeling when the temperature changes and you get goose bumps. Ross is sceptical but admitted he felt it too.

Dave and Nika stayed and were freaked out by the flat. While they were here they regularly thought they heard doors opening and a glass candle holder blew out a chunk of glass from the back of it that hit the wall with a lot of force. It was near a plug so this could be debugged.

Dad came over with his Ex-wife Lorraine and she whispered something to him, I asked what she’d said and Dad prompted her and she said, ‘There is a young boy and an elderly man who visit, they are not permanent and they are not related, they pass through sometimes’

Last year I was speaking to my neighbours and they said ‘Your flat is haunted isn’t it?’, I replied,’ How do you know, did I tell you?’, they laughed and replied, ‘No, they are all haunted, there is an old man who died in one of them and he now haunts the whole block.’

He told me that the activity is very great in their flat. They hear footsteps, doors open and close, lights turn on and off and other electrical equipment such as televisions turn on and off. They have also seen a floating face of him and said he has a beard.

  Alexia as a baby used to look, smile and wave at someone a lot when she was a baby. A psychic asked me if I had noticed and told me that Nanny wanted me to know it is her visiting.

  Once Ross and I simultaneously watched some kind of beautiful floating light go across and up the wall. It was purples, pinks, blues and whites and a foot long. It was quite quick and just vanished into the ceiling. I was happy Ross had seen it too or I would have thought I’d imagined it!

Blake has a friend. I am hoping it is Nanny again but I don’t know. In our living room there is an archway that opens into a small office area. When we are feeding Blake, since he was a tiny baby, he will suddenly stop feeding and turn and stare and sometimes smile and baby talk. It is like someone has called his name to get his attention first. I have been looking at the area and on a number of occasions now I am sure that I can see a shape of someone/something. Recently I also saw a misty haze within it too.

When Dad comes to visit he either brings people with him or people come to see him. Every time he comes over I get a heightened awareness of people in the hallway. It is often at its strongest when we are discussing paranormal events. Sometimes I get a sudden cold feeling and it is tense and other times it is warm and comforting (I believe that one is Nanny with him). If I mention it or sometimes as I feel it he will feel it at the same time and stop and ask a question to whoever is there. They have not been forth coming in communicating with him yet!

A few times during his visits I think I have seen his Aura too. It is bright white and projects an inch or so around him. I have never had this experience with anyone else.


I think that is it! I have also had some white feathers from time to time but nothing significant enough to mention!

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