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May 12th, 2016 by Alan C

The Holistic Centre 2012.

The Clearing and Releasing of Energies at The Holistic Centre at Wiggins Yard, Bridge Street, Godalming GU7 1HY

A number of people at the Holistic Centre had commented on the unsettled energy in the building and some had said that they felt as though they were being followed. Upon this information and requests of help, I contacted ‘ Trust Active’ to help us. (They now trade as S.P.I.). I had met one of the members Alan a year before and remembered their details. I met Alan and Jeff Howlett at the Centre on Saturday 17th March 2012 at 6pm.

Alan and Jeff set up their equipment, which included a camera in all rooms except the rented out room and Laura’s room. The computer was setup in Laura’s room and after one hour approx. we were ready to view any activity. I was asked to take part, of which I was very happy and interested to do so. This was a first experience to me and I was excited to take part. Alan and Jeff walked around each room to feel the energies to see if there were grounded spirits and those that had become stuck after already passing over and those that were just passing through.

Jeff, who is a clairvoyant, which means he has the gift of seeing, hearing and feeling spirit, gently made contact and listened to the spirits of people who had once lived on the earth plane. It was incredible towhiteness this happening and Jeff and Alan were both sensitive and calm and professional upon their task to help these spirits move on. There were two spirits in room one that Jeff believed to be connected to the ‘Kings Arms’ in Godalming and were a little angry and difficult. They were positioned near what Jeff discovered was a Vortex running through that room near the far window and right through to the reception area. There was also a man called Martin who said he was a blacksmith and had an injury down one side of his body (almost like a stroke/paralysis). He would move around the building and upstairs in room 5. His energy gave off a sluggish feel but he was a good spirit that had become stuck in his suffering and unable to move to the light. Jeff had smelt burning in room one and the three of us held hands and called in the angels and envisaged a white light in the centre. We asked the spirits not to be afraid and that they could move into the light to meet their loved ones. I did see faces and limbs that looked as though they had burned. It took a while, but it was incredibly moving to feel then move on and be free from the building and their suffering.

In the councilling room, Jeff sensed a child and felt the heavy energies from the room opposite (massage room). In the massage room, it felt very active in the sense of frightened energies. Jeff discovered two ladies’ that were sisters, dated approx 1800’s. They were talented ladies that painted and mentioned a famous godalming female landscape Gardner they knew. They became very religious and would look at people being massaged, dressed differently to them, and became scared and suspicious. This was because of there time of life, where they covered up their bodies and were very religious. Once again, we held hands and asked gently, if they were ready to move on. This took longer, as they were not trusting who we were and our motives. With Jeff and Alan’s sincerity, they were beginning to move towards the circle. I saw a little girl in the centre of us who was reaching out her hand. They all moved on into the light.

We moved to room 5 and Jeff linked in with a lady who was once a cook for a family possibly at ‘The Inn on the Lake. This dated back to approx. early 1900’s. She had died and passed over, but upon passing through, got stuck in the vortex of the building. She was frightened, but with love and care, she moved on. We moved to room 4, which we all felt had lovely energies. Jeff linked with a young man whom had died by being run over by a horse and carriage. He was a student doctor and had passed over fine. He liked to come back and visit in this room from time to time to watch treatments taking place. He is a lovely, charming energy. We moved down stairs to the room 1 and Jeff said we should all envisage a white light sealing up the vortex. Before this, we all noticed a cold air flowing right through that part of the building. After sealing this with white light, there was no more cold air. During that night, activity was being picked up on the computer equipment that showed energy activity in the form of little orbs of energy moving quickly around certain areas of the building.

These spirits meant no harm, they had got stuck and were frightened with what was going on around them, as they were from a different time and our time is very different from when they were earth bound.

A few of the therapists at the centre had commented on the different feel of the building and how lighter and easier it was to work there, so Jeff and Alan had helped both the therapists and the spirits, which is wonderful!

Claudia Moon

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May 12th, 2016 by Alan C

A lady who can be trusted has told me of what happened to her a month ago.


I was sitting quietly in my arm chair, I sensed that someone was standing behind me, I turned my head to look, and saw my brother standing there, with arms out stretched over me. He quickly disappeared as I looked at him.

I rang him and there was no answer, And as I had never kept close contact with him , I felt I should ring the nearest person to his home to check up on him, as he suffers with loss of memory.
They went to his home and found him unconscious on the settee. He is at the moment still in hospital under observation.

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May 12th, 2016 by Alan C

VISITATION AS A WARNING. Imagine you the owner and sitting in your living room and your step son is going on and being a real pain to you. Then out of no-where the light above you explodes, surrounding the room in the brightest light. Your step son is lifted 4 inches off the ground as if he is being held by the throat, he is screaming for help as he is swept out through two doors and into the garden then pinned up against the fence, seconds past and he slid to the floor,he ran to the shed at the end of the garden where he stayed for 5 hours…refusing to come near the house. My friend who explained this happening is an honest and a reliable person and knowing there are visiting spirit in his house as i have worked their to help move one spirit on, i have no reason not to believe him. It was understood it was the spirit of the lads father and good friend of the owner who was very angry with the attitude of his son and the owner and friend said this would be the exact response of the father and how he would re-act. There was nothing that could of stopped this at the time as it happened so quickly, all was calm after and the son is now a very avid believer and has a little more respect for many things.

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May 12th, 2016 by Alan C

A unique and wonderful experience seems to overcome many investigators when they work truly with spirit activity.

Only those who truly work within this field can understand what is experienced each and every time they do their work. There is always something different to experience and learn. This could be a number of feelings, sightings, voices, touch or new vibrations, you never know what you will receive until it all starts to take shape within the time of any investigation.

It also varies in different levels of strength from which the weaker side is sometimes the most frustrating part, this side seems to struggle to come forward with all it’s efforts.

The stronger side to spirit activity opens many doors and can be very positive and full on. It has the strength to overcome many boundaries and contact is made in many forms. When you are open to these wonderful gifts you still have to be aware of your own strengths, we are like a battery and can be drained very quickly without realising we need to recharge every now and then. When you work with a good team as I myself do, there is no need to worry as we all sense each others needs and help each other at all times. I have always agreed the smaller the team you choose is far more likely to be successful.


The most amazing  thing about this is that there are so many people that have these gifts, some want to go forward and learn more but many have recoiled and are afraid of what they can experience. It is very real and fear can overtake you. This is all too common and it all has to do with understanding, in many circumstances it will just not go away and many cannot understand why? I will tell you, there is one thing you must get involved in, even if your decision is that you have no interest in going forward with this you must learn the art of what we call “opening and closing” yourself. This means you can allow spirit contact or stop spirit contact. Once you have learned how to do this it will make it so much easier for you to make a decision and have the experience to control what you do or do not want to do. If you are always open, you are open to spirit contacting you. There are many ways of protecting yourself with the open and closure techniques, from which you can use basic methods or even make up your own ways that are suited to you. We all need the time to re-charge and this is the way to do it, you close down for a while.

In this new age of technology we have only to google anything and it appears in front of you. Self teaching is ok but to learn correctly, well, it is better to work with some-one who is experienced. I suppose I am really trying to say is please do not live in fear of your own experiences, there is really nothing to fear at all. Yes, it is a little shocking at first but seek a little guidance to help you move forward, don’t try and hide from it because as I have mentioned you have to make the decision, to open or close yourself down. You will have the ability to work with it or stop it when you are shown.

I was lucky I had some understanding before my experiences of spirit activity and had no fear towards it at all. It was very easy for me to accept it and I wanted to know and learn more. To this day and over many years I am very happy I made the decision to learn more.


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May 12th, 2016 by Alan C

There are many reasons to doubt the afterlife, as many as the people that believe in it, but the individual experiences are far too great to put it in a category of nonsense or disbelief, because so many have come forward to give their own events of spirit activity or near death experiences.
Most of us understand you cannot relate science with paranormal, things will never add up to show the scientist satisfactory results. Imagination maybe! I do not think so, again too many similar events which relate to the evidence being shown to that particular individual. These experiences were shown to them so why do they need to prove it to someone else.
Proving the existence of spirit, ADE and other events to do with the paranormal activity is not the answer, although many believe it is. It is the understanding of what we are being shown, why do you think you have been chosen to experience it? It is not just for yourself it is for the many around you who need to relate to their own experience, to come to terms with it. This also helps with the grieving process; to talk about it is to help heal our sorrow.

I have spoken to many people who are afraid to talk about their own events because some think it is too personal, while others think they will be branded and ridiculed. This is such a Victorian way of thinking in this century, there are many who wish to hear and understand the events that person has experienced. You do have to find the ones who do believe and have had the experiences also, there are many who publicise just that, as we ourselves at S.P.I., are one of many that can relate and help the many who wish to come forward.

It is far easier to be closed to paranormal activity, but you will find it is very much the individuals who have never experienced any kind of spirit activity before. Quite obvious really when you think about it, that is why it is so hard for them to change when they are chosen; they have no choice if they are an honest person.

Why are certain individuals’ chosen by spirit? Mainly because it is a family connection; others because they have found you to be compatible to receive or get someone who can. We have to be open to spirit intervention otherwise if we are closed you block any contact. Many will never receive any contact from spirit unless they are in an open state of mind. “Dream state”, while we sleep we are at our most relaxed time and it is very common for individuals to receive messages in a dream form. It is understood you will know by the intense nature or reality of the dream to recognise this.

Where do we go when we pass?
I believe, as many do, everything is connected to vibration, so what vibration you give determines what spiritual level you are introduced to. Your vibration is from high to low but lower means a less pleasant individual.

Heaven and Hell?
This I believe not to be outside of ourselves, (Not a place). Heaven or Hell is within each and every one of you. For instance if you are a bad person you create the Hell for yourself and again will be a low vibration. Heaven is the level of good.

Yes I am a believer, and with great respect I have many varied opinions within my religion.

Who do we meet when we pass?
My belief is we will meet the guide who will take us to a higher plain, yes to the light and to whom is waiting for you. The rest of our Learning then begins.

Unless you have had an experience with spirit activity I can also understand the reluctance to believe, my advice would be to listen carefully, only then will you be able to see a link between all those you have spoken to. Knowledge is understanding, no-matter how unusual it sounds.

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May 12th, 2016 by Alan C

The bible has many meanings, but many are a guidence. It has been written over many years and have the great influence of man.
We rely on it’s contence, as we need support in time of difficulty. The confusing thing I find is that it marks ghost or spirit as demonic? The belief is that once you are returned to God you cannot form or return or re-visit. Reading many posts on this and going by my own experinces, I feel that I must disagree. The amount of reports in the world are not of demonic returns but of actual friends or family showing you they are ok and are within the spirit realm and are in visitation. Many times it has been confirmed to an individual who they are and for what purpose they have returned. For the individuals who have had these experiences and are not aware of who they are it has been recorded by the investigator to find the reason of each spirit visit, well in our case this is the norm. Occasionally you will find frustration or negativity within spirit presence but it is very rare, “in our experience”, to find demonic presence.
With all the evidence that has been collected and recorded around the world why is it that in many cases many churches will not recognise the true existance of spirit activity? There are some that have their own teams that deal with paranormal activity and will investigate and take action if it is found, but for many they will not help you.
I suppose what I am trying to say is, what is the real belief of the church and do they work as all spirit is bad spirit? Times have change over many years and there are many of us,”including myself”, who have worked with spirit for many years and it frustrates me to find that some churches are blind to the known fact of spirit activity. I am a christian and believe in many parts of the bible but have my own personal veiws on what it is showing us. I believe the church should take more interest within reports of spirit activity and give their congreation more support and advice.
Spirit activity should not be something you are embarrased or ashamed of, nor should it be feared. It has to be understood and this is why it should be reported to a respectful and recognised team. It needs to be answered, calmed and resolved.
We are being given a message, accept it !

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December 26th, 2015 by Alan C


Is there any truth in spiritual activity?

This my friends is solely down to individual experiences, either you believe what you are told or you do not.
Unless you yourself have had the experience of this directly then many of you will be in doubt.

There are many that will not talk about their own experiences for the simple reason of being branded a fool or even a liar. Some are in fear of what they have witnessed, many do not understand, also there are the people who are comfortable with their own spirit activity and do not want to share this because of the thought of upsetting them. SPI has never upset any spirit activity and has always made sure the area is calm during and after the event.
It is far easier not to believe than admit in spirit activity, you should not have to try to convince anyone of your experience.

I would say there are many who would like to believe but, as always, many work with the proof technique. That is what I call the sit on the fence excuse.

There are many individuals, as time goes by, will have these experiences no-matter how much they dis-believe and it is only them that will honestly and truthfully be able to admit it. You see, the experience is only shown to the individuals for that chosen time of the event, yes spirit choose who they want to see or hear them. They are not there to scare you, they are there to find answers from which they hope you can give them, or pass on the information they give you. Yes I know, many would be too scared to go through such a thing but many would pass their experience on and that is the link to helping them, there are people like ourselves (, who professionally have the expertise and skills to work with spirit activity and have done so for many years. We have worked for clients within Main Councils, Hotels, businesses, and many in the private sector, we are a highly trusted small team.

So for those of you that are in doubt of spirit activity or in doubt of believing what you yourself have witnessed or are experiencing, take a look again at the people who have contacted us, professional people that have asked for our help and who have received it. They now understand, and have the answers.

We can be very discrete and private, if this is your request, also we can advertise your experiences but all evidence recorded is solely owned by S.P.I.

When you do need our help or advice please contact us. ,with your details of your experience and we will get back to a.s.a.p.

Thank you…..Alan.

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December 9th, 2015 by Alan C

Life cannot die, I tell you that you are immortal, deathless, that the ones you have mourned, for whom tears of sorrow have streamed down your cheeks stand silently by your side , silent to you, because you cannot hear them, but theirs voices have cried out in anguish for a long time in their striving to reach you, you are dead ,, the dead who are unconscious as life as it really exists. You have closed your eyes to all the beauties of the great spirit universe. You have allowed yourself to register only the infinitesimal fraction of the earthly world. All around you the whole atmosphere teems with a multudinous life, If you are wise you will open the windows of your souls, so that you can become aware of that mighty power of the spirit which will strengthen you and encourage you.

Silver Birch

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