At times we are all subject to change, sometimes by choice and sometimes it can be unexpected. S.P.I. will be included in one of these changes. Jeff and Karen have decided to progress towards building their own group, they are moving to the art of medium-ship, Healing, spirit cleansing and how paranormal investigations should be conducted.

I have worked with Jeff for many years and will miss the working relationship of which was once shared. I wish him well and all the best in his new venture.

S.P.I. will be closing it’s website and will be changing to this year, we will be concentrating on identifying and researching paranormal activity solely by our filming and sound equipment, which means we will collect and produce any evidence found for our clients to see or hear. We will not attempt to interfere with any activity that is identified, we will now work as a team who  confirms all types of possible activity.

Our services will still be free, and our respect and professional approach to our clients will be as always, top of the list.

For our followers and members please use this link.

 THANK YOU for your support.


February 24th, 2017 by