I spend many hours surfing the net for genuine posts from genuine people willing to give us the knowledge of their true paranormal stories but alas 99% of material I read is soooo full of crap and this is not fiction stories, it is lies within a story. It frustrates me to read the garbage that people make up. Why do they do it? I will never understand!

This is why many will not come forward with their true experiences, I can see the reason of them holding back, so sad!

People seem to just want a scare, but there are many of us want the truth, we want to hear the natural story of the actual experience.

If you want to be a horror fiction writer then keep to the websites that deal with this and not try to fake your story in being believed it is genuine. For the experienced the truth comes across as believable, you can read a story and see certain signs that will show this.

S.P.I. will support your story but if you lie to others then you lie to yourself.

We read, we investigate, we allow publishing on your honesty and not our judgement.

So knowing we are a genuine team who would genuinely like to read your own experiences why not come and join us and submit it for us to show others how events can change your life.

Thank you, Alan.

November 17th, 2016 by