Have you got a Gift?

A unique and wonderful experience seems to overcome many investigators when they work truly with spirit activity.

Only those who truly work within this field can understand what is experienced each and every time they do their work. There is always something different to experience and learn. This could be a number of feelings, sightings, voices, touch or new vibrations, you never know what you will receive until it all starts to take shape within the time of any investigation.

It also varies in different levels of strength from which the weaker side is sometimes the most frustrating part, this side seems to struggle to come forward with all it’s efforts.

The stronger side to spirit activity opens many doors and can be very positive and full on. It has the strength to overcome many boundaries and contact is made in many forms. When you are open to these wonderful gifts you still have to be aware of your own strengths, we are like a battery and can be drained very quickly without realising we need to recharge every now and then. When you work with a good team as I myself do, there is no need to worry as we all sense each others needs and help each other at all times. I have always agreed the smaller the team you choose is far more likely to be successful.


The most amazing  thing about this is that there are so many people that have these gifts, some want to go forward and learn more but many have recoiled and are afraid of what they can experience. It is very real and fear can overtake you. This is all too common and it all has to do with understanding, in many circumstances it will just not go away and many cannot understand why? I will tell you, there is one thing you must get involved in, even if your decision is that you have no interest in going forward with this you must learn the art of what we call “opening and closing” yourself. This means you can allow spirit contact or stop spirit contact. Once you have learned how to do this it will make it so much easier for you to make a decision and have the experience to control what you do or do not want to do. If you are always open, you are open to spirit contacting you. There are many ways of protecting yourself with the open and closure techniques, from which you can use basic methods or even make up your own ways that are suited to you. We all need the time to re-charge and this is the way to do it, you close down for a while.

In this new age of technology we have only to google anything and it appears in front of you. Self teaching is ok but to learn correctly, well, it is better to work with some-one who is experienced. I suppose I am really trying to say is please do not live in fear of your own experiences, there is really nothing to fear at all. Yes, it is a little shocking at first but seek a little guidance to help you move forward, don’t try and hide from it because as I have mentioned you have to make the decision, to open or close yourself down. You will have the ability to work with it or stop it when you are shown.

I was lucky I had some understanding before my experiences of spirit activity and had no fear towards it at all. It was very easy for me to accept it and I wanted to know and learn more. To this day and over many years I am very happy I made the decision to learn more.


May 12th, 2016 by