J.C Egham

22nd Nov. 2012

Hi Alan and Jeff,

I have no objection in giving you this reference for the work you did for us.
We are only too pleased to mention your trust, professionalism and respect in solving the strange occurrences of which actually plagued us to the extent of thinking we were all going mad.
You never think it will happen to you, and my goodness it did. After you spoke with us and explained in detail of the in’s and out’s of your work it was very calming for us. We understood fully what was happening and it made the decision for us to accept Trust Active to do what was needed to help us.
You made it all look so easy with your words and actions, it was also a little scary but your experience shone through and supported us.
We were so pleased you were recommended to us and would do the same for others who are having similar experiences.
We were quite shocked that nothing has occurred since your visit as we were a little doubtful as you might understand this is all a bit mind blowing for us. You will be pleased to know your work was a total success, but I think you already expected that.
We are now one of the followers of experiencing the truth and have no doubt that these strange things are real and can be moved on.
We thank you all for your help and understanding, but mainly your privacy.

J. C.
We are now trading as S.P.I. (Supernatural Paranormal Investigations ).

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