Knock, knock….whose listening.

What has happened?

What on earth is going on in this era? People of today do not seem to react so much towards paranormal activity. It was very busy in the early 1900’s with many mediums trying to solve or contact ones who had passed. Maybe fear has a great part in this or is it the open pocket to make easy money maybe.

There are many places that openly advertise their location as a haunted venue, they have their own stories to tell of what or who haunts their dwelling. They actually make money on the so called fact of the so called haunted area by allowing people to rent it for the night at ridiculous prices. Now don’t get me wrong, I agree that there are many that enjoy the thought of a creepy made up ghost hunt, but many of these venues when approached by the experienced and professional teams want to charge them even higher rates to investigate. This type of investigation is an up-to-date and can be an ongoing record of who or what is within their building and is normally carried out for free.

I believe that most places are eluding the public by using old and passed down information about spirit activity . Even though this is classed as entertainment, (ghost hunt), it is still misinformed as to what is really meant to be within the venue.

Teams that offer to investigate fully and have the skills to work in the field of spirit activity are always willing to conduct a report on most venues, unfortunately the owners either want to charge unfair rates or just do not want to be investigated. To be charged to do an update on spirit activity when the service is free is bad enough, but when it is to show that the venue is telling the truth about their claim you would think they would welcome a report to show this. Oh dear, I think I have maybe found the excuse of not letting the investigation progress!

S.P.I. will never pay a venue to conduct a service. Our service is free, as should any venue in question be. The question of security is mostly used as an excuse but there have always been staff who are interested at the venue who would volunteer their free time.

No-matter how many investigations are conducted there is usually some kind of activity that is recorded. It might not match the owners’ records but it is what is recorded at the time of the investigation. As I say, activity changes over time so more the reason to have an update on the dwelling.

Really it is quite obvious that ghost hunting has taken over for making easy profits for the clubs that organize and the venue who stages. SOME are not interested in finding the real answers or truths, only what it is worth in money terms.

Such a shame for the professional teams, the records are lost or fabricated for many buildings and the chances of updating them are getting less likely, unless you are very wealthy and can afford ridiculous charges by the vendor. Maybe they think you are going to make money on them, this is because they have seen TV programs which have totally confused the public of what is truth and what is reality. Why do you think when these programs are advertised it has the caption of “Entertainment Only”, because most of the filming is just that.

Are there really some venue’s out there that are not corrupted?

Is there still a chance to show the professionalism of the real investigators?

Are there any vendors who can learn to trust these professional teams?

Is there a vendor who would welcome a free investigation for free access?

More to the point is there a vendor who would like regular investigations over a long period to answer many of their questions?

There is hope yet, so many lovely and beautiful places, so many stories, so many experiences but not enough up-to-date records.

If any vendor or owner would consider our offer we would welcome you as a respected client.

The team at S-P-I. Wait for the opportunity to show you our professionalism.

For household venues.    

For Commercial Venues.

October 3rd, 2016 by