Every individual has their own way of grieving for a lost family relative or friend.

I myself have the experience of losing my Mother, the experience is one of shock. Yes I am grieving and miss her terribly but have yet to shed a tear. It does make me feel very guilty but understanding my belief of the afterlife gives me a far greater strength that I actually realised. The understanding of the shell we live in is just for recognition to identify us towards others is the first acceptance for me, the second is the soul never dies and exists in spirit form and can communicate when chosen to do so.

I chose to visit my Mother in the chapel of rest and although she looked very peaceful there was the obvious recognition she had vacated her body. I know this sounds a little strange but she had moved on to the next stage, in truth it did not feel like I was standing next to my Mother.

This, to some might sound a little harsh but as I have mentioned the shell we live in is just for the time we spend in it. It is not needed when we pass, there is no use for it.

When we lose someone close to us the hardest thing is to accept it, it is the thought of never seeing or hearing them ever again. Something that has been snatched away from us is so devastating and unfair. The suffering can be never ending. The memories we collect are of a vast importance to help with our grief, they soften the shock when you can accept, in your own time, the loss you have encountered.

No-one can say how long grieving should take as it is an individual process, the shock can delay the healing process for some time.

I truly believe my Mother has rested in a far greater place and is free of any worries or pain as those before her, I also believe when she has settled she will show a sign of her being safe, either to myself or one of the family. There is no time you can place on it so you have to be patient.

To help any one who has been in this situation and is struggling to cope remember my words, they will never completely leave you, in body yes but in spirit they will always be there, so just speak out loud and talk to them because they will always hear you.

May your wounds be healed by the belief of this.

Bless you.

May 23rd, 2016 by