Mrs. X Ascot

18th November 2012
Dear Alan, Jeff and the Trust Active team.

I was very unsure and worried about what to do when experiencing the strange and sometimes frightening events I witnessed within my property.
Your words of experience and the expertise from the way you work with spirit activity is second to none. I did not believe in ghostly happenings or anything related to things that go bump in the night; that was until I experienced it for myself. It was such a shock to ones system, especially when you have been brought up to believe this was just a myth; how wrong could one be.
The respect you gave me and the way you dealt with the unbelievable things that happened were absolutely amazing and I can say with the utmost confidence there has been no return of this spirit.
I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to anyone who has had the unfortunate time of experiencing what I have endured.
I also felt very embarrassed to even talk about such a thing but again you fully understood the situation and made it very acceptable and private.
Thank you for all your support.

Mrs X.

We are now trading as S.P.I. (Supernatural Paranormal Investigations )

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