My Goodness!

Hmmmmm, something to consider in thought maybe?

Yes I am thinking of the word “paranormal”. The meaning is there is no explanation for the event on this earth. This leads to the word “supernatural”. This means it is not subject to the laws of physics. Supernatural is said to exist above and beyond nature, beyond natural laws and cannot be explained, really it is shown as anything outside the natural order. It can be known as miraculous but also abnormal. To take it even deeper it has been known as belonging to a higher realm, a transcending nature. Supernatural forces, occurrences, and beings collectively or their realm.

 My goodness, I think the descriptive explanation is more frightening than the actual event. Anybody reading that would be more confused about their predicament let alone wondering how to go about it.

 Really it is quite simple to understand. Firstly not everyone is chosen to witness spirit activity, if you are chosen then you are meant to witness various events. Yes I can understand the element of fear it can produce, believe me when I say it is not there to harm you, more often there is a reason for the visit and this is what you need to find. First investigate who, then why and then what reason.  No, not all can find the way to these answers, I would not expect you to, but they will not always go away on their own. S.P.I has the experience and know-how to help you with any type of activity. You may know it as haunting or ghostly presence, at the end of the day it is something you don’t understand and would like answers. Others will see their experience as very private and it was just for theirself to witness and in a way they are right, but just take a minute to think? If you could come forward and tell us of your experience it would help others who have had simular events to adjust, just from knowing they are not on their own with what they have witnessed. You do not have to be named, just give us the county you are in if this is what you prefer. If you wish to send us your experiences or would like us to investigate an event just email us and we will advise and help you. 

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