Not all evidence is paranormal.


Believe it or not, scepticism has a great part of researching paranormal activity. Many fail in there investigation by lack of real evidence, sometimes too quick to decide on what they have collected or what they have been ill-advised on. Only by gaining the on hand experience and literally pulling it to pieces will you eventually understand. When the time comes to show you the evidence cannot be repeated, or the explanation is not available and there is no answer you can then log it as paranormal. Some evidence can be obvious but scrutinising it’s identity is the true act.

We all would like the evidence to be at our finger tips but as many will understand, this is not how it works.

The most common mistake many make is the lack of identifying a light source, (orb). Light reflects on many things like bugs, water, dust and most particles so it is easily mistaken for spirit activity and with simple tests can be eliminated. You will find outdoor conditions will show this more commonly. Indoor can still show similar reflections but mist or streaks of a fog like substance can be worthy of a deeper investigation. The recognition of Shadows, again be very sceptical and try to re-create it.

The best results come from E.V.P. (electronic voice phenomenon), and I don’t mean by voice boxes, sensitive tape recorders can pick up unembodied voices very clearly and you can identify every word. When using this method with CCTV, (of which we always have done), you have the identification of who is in the area and can see any movement and investigate where the sound originated.

So consider your facts, rip your evidence to pieces and find the real answers, it is not always what you think or would like it to be.

The most basic rule is not to follow and learn from TV entertainment, because that is what it is; pure entertainment.

April 29th, 2017 by