Oh dear

Oh dear,

I get so disheartened sitting here each time, posting articles on paranormal spirit activity. It is the understanding you see?

There are so many of you that have been brainwashed by films, poor productions of entertainment, you have not got a clue of what it is all really about. You hear tales or imagine horror, you understand nothing but fear.

If the younger generation are being educated by paranormal fun shows it is no-wonder they do not understand the real side of spirit and ghost. You only have to look at the internet and read some of the posts to know they do not understand because they believe in these so called reality shows. They are staged for your entertainment folks! But the downside of this entertainment is that it shows you how NOT to conduct yourself when working with spirit.

Most of you enjoy a good spooky experience, the thrill of the unknown but don’t judge the experiences shown as factual. Enjoy your entertainment but don’t copy it, like many groups do.

The attitude from many is, they have watched the programs, read the books and that makes them experienced to give advice and name themselves spirit rescuers. I would love someone to be really honest and contact me with the truth they have discovered about how they really did find working with spirit, how they found the situation they were in and how they managed to overcome the event. If you are honest, the post I would expect is the fear and disaster you experienced. I wonder if I will ever receive such an honest reply?

The teams that are experienced in this field will understand what I am pointing to, yes, the lack of training and the correct method of how to conduct yourself and your team, the respect for others especially the client. Unless you have an experienced team you are doomed to failure, how else can you converse with spirit to find the answers and know what to do about them.

It is all very well to say you only do investigations to try and prove the existence of spirit, what if you do find this? (like many of us have), do you just list it and move on? Yes, most of you do!

Lets think about this; A spirit will show or make itself known for the simple reason of needing answers! You have just denied that spirit a chance to receive those answers and move forward. You should either communicate yourselves or find a team that can, that way you will learn how this is done and improve your ability as a team. We all need to move forward in the understanding that it is not proof we need, it is knowing how to deal with spirit presence and learn how to work with them. The more a team learns the more professional they become, if they stay at just the investigation of proof stage they will not succeed in experiencing many truly amazing events. Proof is within the individual, this means it is solely for you alone, not for everyone. Just because you have no picture or sound of the event does not mean it did not happen, getting others to believe you is where your mistake starts! It was for you to see, hear or feel.

Obviously it makes a big difference of who you are working with and this will take time. If you are all of the understanding that proof does not matter and you are all in agreement of trust and honesty you will have a great chance of success in working together and finding many answers from spirit activity.

It will take time but you will learn to understand what is really needed.

Learn to Learn.

Move forward from the amateur fun group to the professional experienced team.

Seek the guidance from an established professional team.

If you decide to stay as you are please consider being in contact with a professional spirit rescue team for support.

Never leave the event unfinished my friends.

When a team proclaims they can do something, make sure they can?

Otherwise it can open a real large tin of worms.

Oh yea! Just one other mention; if you need proof of spirit activity then you should not be working with spirit rescue. This will be understood by the few but not by the many!

May 23rd, 2016 by