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The term “ghost hunter” is not how we really see ourself but it is used widely and is recognised by many for teams that are involved in the paranormal. We concentrate towards the research of Identifying paranormal activity.

We are a team who investigate for the client by vision and sound only, by that we mean we will set up cameras and sound equipment for a set time and film the event. We do not judge any clients beliefs and the final evidence is then produced to the said client. Clients must understand that for some this process could take several days/nights in some cases.

We do not work as an entertainment team and if any client wishes to remain unknown then we respect their right not to be mentioned by name or place. We are a respectable and professional team who understand the situation of any client. Our soul purpose is to identify the clients request and report back to them with our findings.

We are a very small and successful team and our aim is to satisfy our clients needs for the answers they seek.

If you are in need of our free service please contact us on spiteam44@gmail.com



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