Where does it all come from? The help for what is known as spiritual assistance?

Does anyone actually know for sure how we are supported?

I really do not know for sure but can fully believe all the support we receive. Sounds crazy I know and the sceptics would love this peace of material, but I don’t think anyone could give the detailed answers to this, only support us with what most of our gifted groups and teams are given to help us to work with spirit. We are only given enough to accept and agree with the knowledge we are shown up to now.

It gets us by, we understand the ways we are able to do things and at times we surprise ourselves by doing and learning more each and every event we work with. Many who read this will understand the frustrations we can endure during our work with Spirit, others will not have a clue what I am on about. lol. We all have highs and lows, and I believe I am on a low because of the way I am entering the info on this post. The best part of this is to carry on and let people see the way we can be at times, not switching off until it passes, ride it through with words and hoping to pull oneself out of this low ebb.

Sometimes I feel it should be easier for us all and Spirit should open us all to do anything that is needed. We all have the ability to communicate, not easy but you all can do it. It is the frustration that comes with it you have to accept. Nothing is straight forward and I would be telling you lies if I said it was a simple task. Each and every event can be different, some communication is direct while others are blocked and confused, others are very closed and do not want to say anything at all, yet they call for help? We filter and sense all that is needed and move forward each time, we get to the reasons of what is needed and resolve the situation for all.

My mood has changed yet again, I am eager to do more and this helps me to pull myself out of this low ebb. I enjoy my work and always will but there are times when you need to question yourself……. Make yourself aware of what you are on this earth plain for. I was given certain abilities or I was allowed to exercise them and learn more, it is called “payback”, and I love every minute of it.

For those of you that are within this circle of light, remember your strengths will vary as will your moods, but what is very cool is there is never a time when you are left alone to suffer for long, the support from Spirit always brings you forward, it puts aside all doubt and confusion and charges the battery to the fullest.

We all have good and bad days, we just need to accept them and recognise we are need of recharging.

How many of you involve yourself with meditation? I do regularly, but more so now I have involved myself with a great team of healers, what an amazing difference this can be with helping you to cleanse yourself. We all need a brush down now and then and this is excellent to move your unwanted baggage that you unintentionally carry around with you. I did not understand how much you could hang on to without really knowing it can interfere with not only your work with Spirit but also your every day living. I think a great deal of us are quite happy to work along with our teams and not see our own inward struggle sometimes, so listen to your group and arrange for the healing within your team, believe me when I say it will replenish you all. The Healers are there for a reason, so use them, they will be only too pleased to help you.

May 23rd, 2016 by