S-P-I did it for me

Lets get right down to it shall we!

Many of you have had the frightening experience of something you can’t or do not want to happen again. Do you ignore it and hope it will go away. Some of you already know that is not going to happen.

 Alan and Jeff from SPI have dealt with so many cases it comes as second nature to them now. They are able to arrange an investigation to confirm what is happening around you and capture sound or vision on most occasions.

It amazes me to find they have no fear in what they do, because most people would be running away from such things. Their professionalism with all aspects of their work is brilliant and their respect for the client and the surroundings are outstanding. They will explain anything you wish to know and it can be in layman’s terms if you wish, which helps all when you have not got a clue what is going on.

 These two guy,s seem to shine when they work, it is as if they were sent to guide the many who have been visited by spirit and put it all in place. Firstly they will find what is causing the upset or disturbance. They will scrutinise their findings, even try to duplicate some of them to make sure there has been no other reason for what has been shown to them, only then will they produce a solid report to each client.

 Most importantly they will not add or change any part of their evidence. What they have seen or heard  is what you get. If you are looking for someone who can generally help you then these guy’s, Jeff and Alan can really do it.

Honest, respectful, truthful and know what they are doing, (with a sense of humour I might add), what more do I need to say.

Supernatural Paranormal Investigations did it for me.

 Helen. Surrey. Details with-held.

May 12th, 2016 by