So so true.

Life cannot die, I tell you that you are immortal, deathless, that the ones you have mourned, for whom tears of sorrow have streamed down your cheeks stand silently by your side , silent to you, because you cannot hear them, but theirs voices have cried out in anguish for a long time in their striving to reach you, you are dead ,, the dead who are unconscious as life as it really exists. You have closed your eyes to all the beauties of the great spirit universe. You have allowed yourself to register only the infinitesimal fraction of the earthly world. All around you the whole atmosphere teems with a multudinous life, If you are wise you will open the windows of your souls, so that you can become aware of that mighty power of the spirit which will strengthen you and encourage you.

Silver Birch

December 9th, 2015 by