The Church

The bible has many meanings, but many are a guidence. It has been written over many years and have the great influence of man.
We rely on it’s contence, as we need support in time of difficulty. The confusing thing I find is that it marks ghost or spirit as demonic? The belief is that once you are returned to God you cannot form or return or re-visit. Reading many posts on this and going by my own experinces, I feel that I must disagree. The amount of reports in the world are not of demonic returns but of actual friends or family showing you they are ok and are within the spirit realm and are in visitation. Many times it has been confirmed to an individual who they are and for what purpose they have returned. For the individuals who have had these experiences and are not aware of who they are it has been recorded by the investigator to find the reason of each spirit visit, well in our case this is the norm. Occasionally you will find frustration or negativity within spirit presence but it is very rare, “in our experience”, to find demonic presence.
With all the evidence that has been collected and recorded around the world why is it that in many cases many churches will not recognise the true existance of spirit activity? There are some that have their own teams that deal with paranormal activity and will investigate and take action if it is found, but for many they will not help you.
I suppose what I am trying to say is, what is the real belief of the church and do they work as all spirit is bad spirit? Times have change over many years and there are many of us,”including myself”, who have worked with spirit for many years and it frustrates me to find that some churches are blind to the known fact of spirit activity. I am a christian and believe in many parts of the bible but have my own personal veiws on what it is showing us. I believe the church should take more interest within reports of spirit activity and give their congreation more support and advice.
Spirit activity should not be something you are embarrased or ashamed of, nor should it be feared. It has to be understood and this is why it should be reported to a respectful and recognised team. It needs to be answered, calmed and resolved.
We are being given a message, accept it !

May 12th, 2016 by