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The Holistic Centre 2012.

The Clearing and Releasing of Energies at The Holistic Centre at Wiggins Yard, Bridge Street, Godalming GU7 1HY

A number of people at the Holistic Centre had commented on the unsettled energy in the building and some had said that they felt as though they were being followed. Upon this information and requests of help, I contacted ‘ Trust Active’ to help us. (They now trade as S.P.I.). I had met one of the members Alan a year before and remembered their details. I met Alan and Jeff Howlett at the Centre on Saturday 17th March 2012 at 6pm.

Alan and Jeff set up their equipment, which included a camera in all rooms except the rented out room and Laura’s room. The computer was setup in Laura’s room and after one hour approx. we were ready to view any activity. I was asked to take part, of which I was very happy and interested to do so. This was a first experience to me and I was excited to take part. Alan and Jeff walked around each room to feel the energies to see if there were grounded spirits and those that had become stuck after already passing over and those that were just passing through.

Jeff, who is a clairvoyant, which means he has the gift of seeing, hearing and feeling spirit, gently made contact and listened to the spirits of people who had once lived on the earth plane. It was incredible towhiteness this happening and Jeff and Alan were both sensitive and calm and professional upon their task to help these spirits move on. There were two spirits in room one that Jeff believed to be connected to the ‘Kings Arms’ in Godalming and were a little angry and difficult. They were positioned near what Jeff discovered was a Vortex running through that room near the far window and right through to the reception area. There was also a man called Martin who said he was a blacksmith and had an injury down one side of his body (almost like a stroke/paralysis). He would move around the building and upstairs in room 5. His energy gave off a sluggish feel but he was a good spirit that had become stuck in his suffering and unable to move to the light. Jeff had smelt burning in room one and the three of us held hands and called in the angels and envisaged a white light in the centre. We asked the spirits not to be afraid and that they could move into the light to meet their loved ones. I did see faces and limbs that looked as though they had burned. It took a while, but it was incredibly moving to feel then move on and be free from the building and their suffering.

In the councilling room, Jeff sensed a child and felt the heavy energies from the room opposite (massage room). In the massage room, it felt very active in the sense of frightened energies. Jeff discovered two ladies’ that were sisters, dated approx 1800’s. They were talented ladies that painted and mentioned a famous godalming female landscape Gardner they knew. They became very religious and would look at people being massaged, dressed differently to them, and became scared and suspicious. This was because of there time of life, where they covered up their bodies and were very religious. Once again, we held hands and asked gently, if they were ready to move on. This took longer, as they were not trusting who we were and our motives. With Jeff and Alan’s sincerity, they were beginning to move towards the circle. I saw a little girl in the centre of us who was reaching out her hand. They all moved on into the light.

We moved to room 5 and Jeff linked in with a lady who was once a cook for a family possibly at ‘The Inn on the Lake. This dated back to approx. early 1900’s. She had died and passed over, but upon passing through, got stuck in the vortex of the building. She was frightened, but with love and care, she moved on. We moved to room 4, which we all felt had lovely energies. Jeff linked with a young man whom had died by being run over by a horse and carriage. He was a student doctor and had passed over fine. He liked to come back and visit in this room from time to time to watch treatments taking place. He is a lovely, charming energy. We moved down stairs to the room 1 and Jeff said we should all envisage a white light sealing up the vortex. Before this, we all noticed a cold air flowing right through that part of the building. After sealing this with white light, there was no more cold air. During that night, activity was being picked up on the computer equipment that showed energy activity in the form of little orbs of energy moving quickly around certain areas of the building.

These spirits meant no harm, they had got stuck and were frightened with what was going on around them, as they were from a different time and our time is very different from when they were earth bound.

A few of the therapists at the centre had commented on the different feel of the building and how lighter and easier it was to work there, so Jeff and Alan had helped both the therapists and the spirits, which is wonderful!

Claudia Moon

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