The Kings Arms Royal Hotal

The Kings Arms Royal Hotel
To the team of SpiritWorld UK,
As General Manager of The Kings Arms and Royal Hotel, Godalming Surrey,
I have been acquainted with SpiritWorldUK for some months. They have carried out many investigations at the hotel with fantastic results and will continue for the year.
The Kings Arms and Royal Hotel dates back to 1358 and over many years, up to the present day has had a great deal of paranormal activity.
SpiritWorldUK have conducted their investigations professionally and in a courteous manner and have helped many spirits to move on. Also they are honest and trustworthy and can be left totally unsupervised.
I can sincerely recommend Spiritworlduk to any person or company who should require their free services within the realms of paranormal activity.
Please do not hesitate to contact me either through my email or my mobile phone number.
Kind Regards Andy Hobbs M.B.I.I.

We are now trading as S.P.I. (Supernatural Paranormal Investigations )

May 12th, 2016 by