The Kings Arms & Royal Hotel. 2007

The Kings Arms Royal Hotel.1st 2007

A popular and busy coaching inn in the centuries before the railways took over was the Kings Arms & Royal Hotel in Godalming High Street. The inn was frequented by Henry VIII and Lord Nelson, and the less fortunate including French prisoners of the Napoleonic war, and later British felons on their way to be deported to Australia lodged there. A scheduled stop on the stagecoach Accommodation’s route between London and Portsmouth, the King’s Arms benefited from the overnight stays of its passengers who paid the princely sum of half a guinea to reach thus far from Piccadilly.

The landlord at one time had a farm in Farncombe where he kept 30 to 40 horses which were hired to the coaching companies. The inn had its fair share of difficult customers, but one so famous as to trigger a near scandal in the 17th century. In 1698 the proprietor had the dubious pleasure of entertaining Czar Peter the Great of Russia (1672 – 1725) and his large entourage.

Landlord James Moon’s delight soon turned to horror when he realised the Czar had absolutely no intention of paying for their keep, or indeed for the damage from many a wild party. Moon’s nightmare was finally over when the Czar’s party moved on to stay with diarist John Evelyn in Deptford, where they stayed for 3 months at his expense and where they also did immeasurable damage, eating and drinking him out of house and home. Evelyn’s bailiff is recorded as describing them as ‘right nasty people’. If you believe the touristy banter the Czar’s phantom is said to reside at the inn and manifests itself by kicking off its boots between 1am and 2am. Although to this day there have been sounds and bumps heard that is linked with this there has been no visual signs..The King’s Arms has a magnificent facade of red and black brickwork which dates back to 1753. To the interior however is timber work and panelling which is considerably older.

………………………………………. Update…21/11/07……….The premises has just finished being re-decorated and there has been a lot of changes mainly to the ground floor area which looks stunning. Also the bedrooms have had major re-decoration and improvements which are still being completed. Overall the place is very inviting and we would recommend that it is worth a visit or stay.We will again be investigating this premises in the early part of January to complete our work.

The Staff at the Kings Arms Royal Hotel. Andy (Manager) Jay (Bar Manager) Phil (Barman) We can say that this is a very interesting and fascinating investigation and we thank Andy the Manager for allowing us to continue at this location. Andy and his staff at the hotel have made us very welcome. Andy has sensed a lot of activity within this Hotel, and Jay had stayed in room 2 and heard footsteps walking the corridor from room 3.We will update our findings as they unfold, and continue to post them on this section. As a team we have nothing to prove and we write what we see and sense, so nothing is added or made up. It is up to the readers what they wish to believe, we only show the truth.thank-you….Alan and the team.

Kings Arms Royal Hotel Investigation 1. 10/08/07 Room 15 Team. Jeff. Temperature 75.7 time.23:00Jeff feels a presence to his left while sitting on the bed. 1 female, 1 male. Light source travels from bed to wall.23:10:48 Jeff asks if any one is near the stairs to the room, the answer was no but when he answered “cool ok”, Audio picked up “ah ha”, a woman’s voice very softly.23:12:32. Audio, again a woman’s faint voice which was unreadable. Jeff now senses Lady Anna and Dr Boyd. He senses Lady Anna is Victorian. Again Audio picks up a woman’s voice saying something like” pick up words” whispering twice. Alan joins Jeff 23:16 More light sources are seen on camera. Jeff again feels the presence of Lady Anna.Alan asks for physical touch, but we only get very bright light sources on camera. Jeff senses a presence to his left and pressure to his left arm. It was at this time we both saw a light go out or a change in light, bearing in mind that we were in pitch blackness. (Strangely nothing showed upon film).Jeff and Alan felt a stronger presence; Alan and Jeff were tingling all over. Jeff sensed it was Lady Anna and he was now cold down his left side.Alan asked for a light source for an answer for yes.Alan asked,” are you between me and Jeff” A light source came over us, seen on camera. Alan also sees another light source himself. Jeff asks, “Are you a believer Lady Anna” A light source went over us, seen on camera. Alan sees another light source when Jeff asks for Dr Boyd. Jeff asks,” Were you a specialist”. Another light source is seen on camera. We both sensed he was a surgeon. We asked if he could affect us in the area on our body for the work he did. A light source went near Alan’s head.We took that as the brain. Jeff asked,”Were you a local to this area” Another light source seen on camera. Jeff again asked,” Were you a

London man”. Light source seen on camera.Alan then sensed Saint something Hospital.Jeff asked,” Are you a believer sir”. Another light source was seen on camera.Jeff then asked,” Do you wish to move on sir”. There was no response.But there was more contact that made us both tingle.Jeff then sensed that Dr Boyd had a son.We now felt we needed a break and we left the room saying we would return Later. 23:39:50

Room 15 Team. Jeff and Maggie. Time. 00:32:03 11/08/07When Jeff and Maggie settled down in the room there was a clicking noise that sounded like a clock but when the sensed Lady Anna and were talking to her these clicks seem to respond to there questions. Times of clicking noise.00:33:10 like clock00:33:27 like clock00:33:56 intermittent00:34:39 intermittent Clicking stopped at 00:36:18Jeff feels presence near him. He moves to the window area and feels tingling in his right leg. He senses Lady Anna and Dr Boyd are about 10 years apart and they are aware of each other. Jeff’s back is now cold and smells mothballs. Maggie feels a heavy misty feeling. Large light source is seen on camera going from the head board across the room. It goes very quiet and they decide to leave the room.Room 3 Team. Jeff, Alan and Maggie. Time. 00:49 11/08/07

After a few minutes light sources are seen on camera and we feel this is very active. Jeff senses there are two spirits, one being mischievous. He senses that it moves the bed covers and the bed when people stay in this room. It is not negative in any way; he feels it just wants to be noticed. We had no temperature readings but it was definitely colder. Maggie was sitting on a stool near the door and felt a presence very close to her. Jeff asked for the spirit to step back a little, which it did and she felt it move to the right side of her. More light sources were seen on camera at this time. Alan asked for the spirit to step forward and feels its presence, it was at this time Jeff smelt cigar smoke.

A large light source was seen on camera moving from Alan’s head to the end of one of the beds. Jeff moves towards the wardrobe and senses this is where the spirit stands. It is grounded, and he senses it touches people when they are sleeping in the room. More light sources appear on camera. Jeff feels his ears pop, and senses a spirit fronting him out.

Jeff said he was male standing in front of him. His ears pop again. He feels the spirit move when he moves and it is very cold where he is standing. Alan now senses a presence by him and he moves to the wardrobe with Jeff and asks the spirit to come forward. On our Audio system we heard the words,” I am standing to your left”. At this time Jeff felt a presence between us (to my left).Again our Audio picked up a voice saying,” did you fall” Jeff’s left ear felt like it was going to pop again. Alan asked, can you say who you are. Again our Audio picked up a sigh.

There were more light sources seen on the camera. Jeff now feels a presence behind him and asks for it not to stand behind him. At this time Maggie senses the name Johnathon.Again our Audio picks up the words,” can’t believe it”.

Jeff feels the hairs on his arm raise as Alan asks the spirit to come to him. Jeff also senses the spirit backing away from Alan as he requests the spirit talk through him. At this time our Audio picked up a sigh.Jeff senses the year 1825. Audio again picked up what sounded like a single dog bark. Jeff again sensed this spirit looked down on people while they slept.

Audio again picked up a tapping or rattling noise.Maggie was sitting on one of the beds and felt a presence behind her. Alan asked why this spirit would not come forward and said is it a game or are you playing with us. Audio again picked up a voice saying “yes”.

All of us could sense this was not a negative spirit, but it was still hiding behind Maggie as she said her back was very cold.A light source was seen on camera going over our heads.It settled down after this and we left the room at 01:16:22

The room was still monitored after this for some time and the light sources stopped.

11th/8/07 Room 3. Team. Jeff. Time. 02:53:00Jeff enters and feels a presence straight away. Although on our own at times we are constantly monitored by camera and audio by someone in the team. He sits on the bed and there light sources at times being seen near Jeff by the camera.

Jeff feels a touch to his head. I might add all filming is done in 0′lux light conditions most of the time, which is pitch black for anyone who doesn’t know. A light mist light source about a foot long picked up by the camera passes from the end of the bed to the side unit and disappears. Jeff said his ears wanted to pop again at this time. He then senses an energy building up. Time 03:05:00.

Jeff calls out for contact and a large light source goes to him and over his head, he has pins and needles all over. He senses a male with a strange shaped bowler hat, era around 1920s-30s with a mastosh, a wing collar shirt, like the era of Charlie Chaplin.

At this time a large flaky light source picked up by the camera goes past the opposite bed that Jeff is sitting on. Jeff sensed the spirit is dressed in black and the shirt has a detachable collar. He then senses the name Jekyll. The name Jekyll, Jeff explained, was being sensed in reference to a split personality and this spirit was either strangled or hung.

Another light source at this time was picked up on camera and it went towards Jeff’s chest and disappeared. Another followed seconds after. Time 03:14:07.Jeff then asked again for contact and another light source came round the front of him at the end of the bed and went to the fireplace and faded.03:18:10 on our Audio a male sigh was picked up.03:18:37 another sigh picked up. Jeff then moved from the bed to the fireplace and felt another strong presence. There was no contact at this time and he decided to take a break.

Time 03:25:Room 15. Team. Alan, Jeff. Time. 04:02:37 11/08/07

Room 15 is directly above room 3, so we sensed that activity is linked to the two rooms. Again the room is pitch black. We both lay on the bed (just good friends. lol). The camera picking up several light sources as we meditate. No contact at this time 04:07:24.Jeff says he has a headache, dense feeling, and Alan’s legs are tingling. We sense a presence in the room and ask for closer contact. More light sources picked up on camera. Jeff senses two spirits but they are hard to make out and were very weak. He said his face was feeling weird, and Alan replied” it is killing me “.Well there were roars of laughter from all of us and it took a while to settle down. It was nice to relax for a while. Time 04:09:025.

04:12:00 settled down again. At 04:13:01 Jeff felt cold down his left leg and elbow.

They both heard a noise behind them sounding like “ah-ha “. The Audio system does show a noise but we can’t make it out. Alan and Jeff both see light sources by eye. It was seen on camera as one hit Jeff’s hand and he said it felt like a pin prick at the time.Jeff meditates more to build things up.

04:17:26 Alan senses they are not only sensing grounded activity but visitation as well.There was a build up of light sources seen on camera at this time. 04:19:24.Jeff senses Lady Anna to his left. His ears feel like popping again.Alan smells polish. Then they both smell burning, varnish and soot.Alan asks for physical touch to his hand. No touch but on our Audio system we heard a female voice say “yes”.

Alan now smelt a musty smell, as if old room and old carpet. Jeff agrees that he can smell this too.Jeff then senses the place Pirbright. Unknown why?This again cracked Alan up as Jeff’s mum comes from Pirbright and Alan made comments of this and the foot and mouth in that area and they both fell about laughing. After this anything which was said caused hysterics and we had to again stop for a while.As they were relaxing Jeff made a loud groan, I think to clear his throat and bearing in mind this was pitch black, Alan nearly took off from where he was laying on the bed. Alan said a few choice words to Jeff for making him jump and they just fell about laughing. Well as you can imagine that was the end of this part of the investigation into room 15, but with good results I may add.Time 04:30:44. End of first Investigation.

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