Visitation “The Warning”

VISITATION AS A WARNING. Imagine you the owner and sitting in your living room and your step son is going on and being a real pain to you. Then out of no-where the light above you explodes, surrounding the room in the brightest light. Your step son is lifted 4 inches off the ground as if he is being held by the throat, he is screaming for help as he is swept out through two doors and into the garden then pinned up against the fence, seconds past and he slid to the floor,he ran to the shed at the end of the garden where he stayed for 5 hours…refusing to come near the house. My friend who explained this happening is an honest and a reliable person and knowing there are visiting spirit in his house as i have worked their to help move one spirit on, i have no reason not to believe him. It was understood it was the spirit of the lads father and good friend of the owner who was very angry with the attitude of his son and the owner and friend said this would be the exact response of the father and how he would re-act. There was nothing that could of stopped this at the time as it happened so quickly, all was calm after and the son is now a very avid believer and has a little more respect for many things.

May 12th, 2016 by