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Our team has a very professional and proven track record, we give our time freely and have earned genuine respect and trust from all our clients. We welcome all enquiries, so for peace of mind contact us at spiteam44@gmail.com

As paranormal investigators we work to identfy the events you are experiencing and we record each event with night vision audio cameras, the results, after being accessed, are then shown to the client. We do not judge any client and will give you answers or guidence to help you understand what is occuring.

I often wonder how many of you lovely people are actually experiencing some kind of spirit activity within your surroundings? I know there are many of you that do and you are quite relaxed to live with the events that you are experiencing. I can understand that it is very personal for you and for that reason you may be reluctant to share your experiences.

Within our small team we understand the privacy of the individual and make it very clear to you we do not wish to interfere or change any spirit activity, we adhere to the requests of our clients at all times. All we request is to record the event and learn from the experiences you could share with us, we are not profit or publicity seekers so we can promise our clients that if they wish to remain anonymous we will agree strictly to their wishes.

Many clients have already trusted  SPI to work and understand the events that occur around them and have been satisfied with our professional conduct. Some of you already know why and who their vistor is but for those of you that are not so sure we can hopefully help you to learn more.

We have worked with spirit activity for many years and have learnt and understood a great deal from our experiences, respecting and learning from each event. It is also very important to understand the client and their needs, respecting their requests and in some cases helping them to come to terms with the events.

By allowing us to be accepted into the personal spiritual events of your life we can also help many others, what is learnt in many cases can be passed on to others which can make a greater understanding of spirit activity.

I, on behalf of the team wish you well and hope you can trust us to be included in your spiritual experiences and we can help you to gain the confidence to understand our honesty and professionalism towards helping any client in need.

No matter what your beliefs if you are experiencing any kind of paranormal activity please contact us.

Alan. spiteam44@gmail.com



All data collected from any investigation is the property of S.P.I.




December 8th, 2014 by Alan C