Stepping forward; Our team has moved forward to solely research and do not interfere with any spirit activity. We collect information by film and sound and produce our findings to our client, what the client wishes to do after this is their decision. We make no judgements and our recordings will be a factual confirmation.

All clients are given the choice to make public their experiences or have all their identity and property respectfully hidden. This is strictly adhered to by our group.

One of the most frustrating times is trying to set up an investigation. By that I mean today’s problem with commercial property holders is they think everyone is making a profit within paranormal investigations, in our case you would be wrong to think this. I can understand about the problem some clients have with security but really, do they have to charge vast amounts of money to have a good team produce the evidence free of charge when it is the client who is saying they have activity within their building? You would think, after vetting a team they would welcome the confirmation and allow the evidence to be successfully logged. I can understand charging for tours but for a professional recorded up-date, well! An opportunity missed me thinks!


We are often requested to do investigations in buildings where security is very high, i.e. Council buildings, Hotels e.t.c; we have been trusted, (after being vetted),   because of the interest in our work there is always someone who will volunteer to work with us from the clients employee’s or family and this not only solves any security problems but gives people the chance to see how our team works with unusual events.

Being a non-profit team does make it very difficult to open the eyes of many people who own places of known paranormal activity. We ask you to understand that by not charging for our services is by no means saying we are not a professional team, we truly wish to give our services free and in return for this the client will be expected to follow suit. Our main interest is researching and logging the event to show you the results, it is then classed as an up-to-date record for the client and a true account of the evidence we produce.

If you do find your dwelling or premisis has suspected activity then please contact us to arrange a meeting. I will say again, we are not a tour or fun group and only experienced personnel work within our team to research into this facinating and unusual phenomenon. Thank you.




October 21st, 2013 by Alan C