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Dog and Partridge Public House
Yateley. 14/08/2016

Our investigation leads us to believe many different spirits pass through the three vortexes that dwell in this building. One was found at the fire place in front of the ladies toilet ( this is the newest). The second is to the right of the pool table. The third the oldest vortex is in the middle of the kitchen linking upstairs to a childs bedroom, lounge, stairway and office. This also links to the garden and out buildings creating many sightings and experiences.
We managed to establish many regulars which include two naval men, Jolly jack tar also known as Jack. He and his mate were fighting outside both were stabbed and died in the pub. They remain happy drunks causing mischief within the pub.
Strong heavy presence can be felt of a mother desperately looking for her daughter both are in the dwelling that can not see each other. The girl has a dark male spirit around her. Her name is Emily referred to as Lilly.
We also connected with a young Alter Server called William who stole money from the church and to avoid prison he ended his life ( between 17-1800’s ). He frequently liked a drink at what is now called The Dog and Partridge. Also a spirit of a man who claims to have been set alight, when he is around you may get the smell of burning.
Near the ladies toilets two Irish wolfhounds were seen walking about.
Tapping is often heard behind the bar. A WW1 RAF pilot pops in occasionally.

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