We talk to many people on our travels, we hear so much about individual experiences, yet still we find people do not contact us to help them until they have left the dwelling where they have had many spiritual events, or they have been too embarrassed to contact us.

Please spread the word that the small team at S.P.I. completely understand all situations to do with ghost or spirit activity and can truly professionally help you with all types of paranormal activity.

We do not judge any client and we will be very discrete with your situation.

Our work experience spans many years within this field of sometimes , very misunderstood phenomenon. We will arrange to meet our clients, normally at the venue in question to advise and discuss the experiences that are occurring. From this meeting we can advise what is needed to resolve the clients events. For a consultation please Contact us privately at

It has always been difficult for people to know who to contact when this situation arises and more so who you can trust. Now you know there is a professional and experienced team here at S.P.I. and we never turn a client away.

September 15th, 2016 by