Is there any truth in spiritual activity?


Is there any truth in spiritual activity?

This my friends is solely down to individual experiences, either you believe what you are told or you do not.
Unless you yourself have had the experience of this directly then many of you will be in doubt.

There are many that will not talk about their own experiences for the simple reason of being branded a fool or even a liar. Some are in fear of what they have witnessed, many do not understand, also there are the people who are comfortable with their own spirit activity and do not want to share this because of the thought of upsetting them. SPI has never upset any spirit activity and has always made sure the area is calm during and after the event.
It is far easier not to believe than admit in spirit activity, you should not have to try to convince anyone of your experience.

I would say there are many who would like to believe but, as always, many work with the proof technique. That is what I call the sit on the fence excuse.

There are many individuals, as time goes by, will have these experiences no-matter how much they dis-believe and it is only them that will honestly and truthfully be able to admit it. You see, the experience is only shown to the individuals for that chosen time of the event, yes spirit choose who they want to see or hear them. They are not there to scare you, they are there to find answers from which they hope you can give them, or pass on the information they give you. Yes I know, many would be too scared to go through such a thing but many would pass their experience on and that is the link to helping them, there are people like ourselves (, who professionally have the expertise and skills to work with spirit activity and have done so for many years. We have worked for clients within Main Councils, Hotels, businesses, and many in the private sector, we are a highly trusted small team.

So for those of you that are in doubt of spirit activity or in doubt of believing what you yourself have witnessed or are experiencing, take a look again at the people who have contacted us, professional people that have asked for our help and who have received it. They now understand, and have the answers.

We can be very discrete and private, if this is your request, also we can advertise your experiences but all evidence recorded is solely owned by S.P.I.

When you do need our help or advice please contact us. ,with your details of your experience and we will get back to a.s.a.p.

Thank you…..Alan.

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