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April 12th, 2017 by Alan C

As from this year S.P.I will be concentrating on actual hard evidence within the paranormal field of ghost or spirit activity.

In the very near future we are going to change our website to SpiritWatch.UK, and aim to look more into the research of this phenomenon.

We will work with filming and audio to show our results, which means identifying any disturbance in a scientific way rather than by medium-ship.

From our experiences we have found there is a far greater interest in attempting to capture spirit activity by researching in this way and we eliminate a certain amount of doubt by collecting what we know as hard evidence.

For our clients our work will still be free of charge and we will offer our professional service to identify the situation.

Very soon a link to the new website will be placed on this site to allow all members to transfer.

Thank you.

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February 24th, 2017 by Alan C


At times we are all subject to change, sometimes by choice and sometimes it can be unexpected. S.P.I. will be included in one of these changes. Jeff and Karen have decided to progress towards building their own group, they are moving to the art of medium-ship, Healing, spirit cleansing and how paranormal investigations should be conducted.

I have worked with Jeff for many years and will miss the working relationship of which was once shared. I wish him well and all the best in his new venture.

S.P.I. will be closing it’s website and will be changing to this year, we will be concentrating on identifying and researching paranormal activity solely by our filming and sound equipment, which means we will collect and produce any evidence found for our clients to see or hear. We will not attempt to interfere with any activity that is identified, we will now work as a team who  confirms all types of possible activity.

Our services will still be free, and our respect and professional approach to our clients will be as always, top of the list.

For our followers and members please use this link.

 THANK YOU for your support.


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October 3rd, 2016 by Alan C

What has happened?

What on earth is going on in this era? People of today do not seem to react so much towards paranormal activity. It was very busy in the early 1900’s with many mediums trying to solve or contact ones who had passed. Maybe fear has a great part in this or is it the open pocket to make easy money maybe.

There are many places that openly advertise their location as a haunted venue, they have their own stories to tell of what or who haunts their dwelling. They actually make money on the so called fact of the so called haunted area by allowing people to rent it for the night at ridiculous prices. Now don’t get me wrong, I agree that there are many that enjoy the thought of a creepy made up ghost hunt, but many of these venues when approached by the experienced and professional teams want to charge them even higher rates to investigate. This type of investigation is an up-to-date and can be an ongoing record of who or what is within their building and is normally carried out for free.

I believe that most places are eluding the public by using old and passed down information about spirit activity . Even though this is classed as entertainment, (ghost hunt), it is still misinformed as to what is really meant to be within the venue.

Teams that offer to investigate fully and have the skills to work in the field of spirit activity are always willing to conduct a report on most venues, unfortunately the owners either want to charge unfair rates or just do not want to be investigated. To be charged to do an update on spirit activity when the service is free is bad enough, but when it is to show that the venue is telling the truth about their claim you would think they would welcome a report to show this. Oh dear, I think I have maybe found the excuse of not letting the investigation progress!

S.P.I. will never pay a venue to conduct a service. Our service is free, as should any venue in question be. The question of security is mostly used as an excuse but there have always been staff who are interested at the venue who would volunteer their free time.

No-matter how many investigations are conducted there is usually some kind of activity that is recorded. It might not match the owners’ records but it is what is recorded at the time of the investigation. As I say, activity changes over time so more the reason to have an update on the dwelling.

Really it is quite obvious that ghost hunting has taken over for making easy profits for the clubs that organize and the venue who stages. SOME are not interested in finding the real answers or truths, only what it is worth in money terms.

Such a shame for the professional teams, the records are lost or fabricated for many buildings and the chances of updating them are getting less likely, unless you are very wealthy and can afford ridiculous charges by the vendor. Maybe they think you are going to make money on them, this is because they have seen TV programs which have totally confused the public of what is truth and what is reality. Why do you think when these programs are advertised it has the caption of “Entertainment Only”, because most of the filming is just that.

Are there really some venue’s out there that are not corrupted?

Is there still a chance to show the professionalism of the real investigators?

Are there any vendors who can learn to trust these professional teams?

Is there a vendor who would welcome a free investigation for free access?

More to the point is there a vendor who would like regular investigations over a long period to answer many of their questions?

There is hope yet, so many lovely and beautiful places, so many stories, so many experiences but not enough up-to-date records.

If any vendor or owner would consider our offer we would welcome you as a respected client.

The team at S-P-I. Wait for the opportunity to show you our professionalism.

For household venues.    

For Commercial Venues.

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September 15th, 2016 by Alan C


We talk to many people on our travels, we hear so much about individual experiences, yet still we find people do not contact us to help them until they have left the dwelling where they have had many spiritual events, or they have been too embarrassed to contact us.

Please spread the word that the small team at S.P.I. completely understand all situations to do with ghost or spirit activity and can truly professionally help you with all types of paranormal activity.

We do not judge any client and we will be very discrete with your situation.

Our work experience spans many years within this field of sometimes , very misunderstood phenomenon. We will arrange to meet our clients, normally at the venue in question to advise and discuss the experiences that are occurring. From this meeting we can advise what is needed to resolve the clients events. For a consultation please Contact us privately at

It has always been difficult for people to know who to contact when this situation arises and more so who you can trust. Now you know there is a professional and experienced team here at S.P.I. and we never turn a client away.

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July 5th, 2016 by Alan C

The word “Billet” as far as I am to understand is not very often used in the UK.

Thank you Rosemary for updating us.

Roll Up for the Greatest Trick on Earth!



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July 4th, 2016 by Alan C

As a team we would like to say thank you to all the clients we have worked with, not forgetting to mention their thoughfulness and trust in allowing us to help them. We are also grateful for those of you that gave your permission to allow us to share our work with others, your kind judgement has helped others to come forward, they see the dedication we give in finding the answers to all experiences.  We are pleased that our professional team has successfully conducted experienced services for all and we will continue to do so in the future.

We are always available, not only for the investigation but also for advice. We work in the private, public and commercial enviroments, which can be arranged to be confidentual at the clients request.

Bless you from the team at S.P.I. 

Alan, Jeff, Karen and Nick.

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May 12th, 2016 by Alan C

Hmmmmm, something to consider in thought maybe?

Yes I am thinking of the word “paranormal”. The meaning is there is no explanation for the event on this earth. This leads to the word “supernatural”. This means it is not subject to the laws of physics. Supernatural is said to exist above and beyond nature, beyond natural laws and cannot be explained, really it is shown as anything outside the natural order. It can be known as miraculous but also abnormal. To take it even deeper it has been known as belonging to a higher realm, a transcending nature. Supernatural forces, occurrences, and beings collectively or their realm.

 My goodness, I think the descriptive explanation is more frightening than the actual event. Anybody reading that would be more confused about their predicament let alone wondering how to go about it.

 Really it is quite simple to understand. Firstly not everyone is chosen to witness spirit activity, if you are chosen then you are meant to witness various events. Yes I can understand the element of fear it can produce, believe me when I say it is not there to harm you, more often there is a reason for the visit and this is what you need to find. First investigate who, then why and then what reason.  No, not all can find the way to these answers, I would not expect you to, but they will not always go away on their own. S.P.I has the experience and know-how to help you with any type of activity. You may know it as haunting or ghostly presence, at the end of the day it is something you don’t understand and would like answers. Others will see their experience as very private and it was just for theirself to witness and in a way they are right, but just take a minute to think? If you could come forward and tell us of your experience it would help others who have had simular events to adjust, just from knowing they are not on their own with what they have witnessed. You do not have to be named, just give us the county you are in if this is what you prefer. If you wish to send us your experiences or would like us to investigate an event just email us and we will advise and help you. 

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May 12th, 2016 by Alan C

You know the words “Ghost and Spirit”, but understanding it is important to you! We are here to help you to understand.
We have always agreed there is a strong distinction between “Ghost Hunting Events” and “Paranormal investigations”. We still say the former is a great social event where individuals may or may not experience Paranormal occurrences.

The latter, (Paranormal Investigations), are conducted seriously and professionally, any evidence gathered is scrutinised to the highest level before being classified. We review all evidence recorded and identify the cause using logical and scientific methods along with our skills.
Our only wish would be that all groups would advertise which of the above they really are!

2016, we have again decided not to charge private clients for our services, but please consider distance costs, these are not compulsory.
S.P.I. has offered services for over 15 years and will continue to help individuals experiencing spirit activity for many more. We have shown people how to understand about spirit activity and not to fear it. All our work detail will be explained when interviewing the client.

The Facts

When your home or business is in harmony with the energies of the earth there is a beneficial and healthy flow inside and outside of the building. We lighten the energy of your surroundings, removing any draining influences.
We conduct an interview to find if spiritual influences are impacting you or your families health and well being.

My name is Alan and my associates are Nick, Jeff and Karen, We are the team Known as S.P.I., and we investigate seriously into the reasons of spirit activity, this being a necessity and has a major impact on our successful and overall results. Combined we have many, many years of hands on experience which is why we have become so successful in our work.
Please read on……..

Bless you, Love and Light.

Many people have contacted us over the years and requested our advice or our help in finding the answers to why they are experiencing these unusual and sometimes frightening events. their first response is, “I worry about what others might think”. Remember they are not the one who are experiencing it! Everyone has their opinion on spirit activity or, “ghosts”,  as they would recognize it better and some will be quite anti about it as well; but this is mainly through the lack of experience and not experiencing any activity for them-self. This brings us to say be tactful who you talk to about your experiences as many do not understand and this can lead to poor advice. You will see events posted on this site which explain some of the experiences of certain individuals; this is only at the clients permission. Private clients MEAN no individuals information or identification of abode will be shown, that is our promise.

Our experienced successful team is very discrete, respectful and most definitely professional within the service we offer.
There are many people who think if you ignore spirit activity it will go away; how wrong can they be, it is visiting for a reason and unless you find that reason it can be persistent until you help them; “Enter S.P.I.”, that is what we are here for, not just to help you but to help identify spirit activity.

I will make it clear to you; we are not a team that plays with spirit or ghost, nor are we looking for proof of spirit activity,( why look for something we know already exists?) we do not conduct tour groups, the entertainment side of our work is showing others the professional way to conduct an investigation and resolve what is recognised as spirit presence. We work to show you, the client,  why it is there, identify it and the reason for your activity, also if requested we will resolve and calm the event you are experiencing. It is YOUR welfare and peace of mind that we take into consideration. If you want conformation or a written report, S.P.I. can do this for you. If there is reason for any activity causing you to be fearful or in distress, again we can help you. We have also worked with children professionally and we always advise and insist for parenting adults to be present.
We are here to advise or to arrange an investigation for you, feel free to look around our website.
Remember, having the experience to know and understand is the key but realising correctly how to use that key gives you entry to ultimate success. S.P.I. has the key and will help anyone to unlock their experiences to find the answers they seek.
Bless you.

Email us if you wish to find out more……………..Send Email link.

We would just like to add, it is so difficult to work within the commercial side of businesses. As we are a non-profit team and do not charge for this type of service we ask all clients within this heading to consider free passage for a free professional investigation update to their property. It is for your interest to clarify what up to date spirit activity is within your building, as over the years this can change. Trust, honesty and respect are our top priority, we are also CRB checked, insured and have previous client references.
We are, and have been available for Borough Councils and their tenants.

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